Are you taking this? Lowers men’s testosterone

I’m showing men an alternative that actually raises T

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Are you taking this? Lowers men’s testosterone

Hey, Matt Cook here, and if you’ve been following my work for any amount of time, you may already know that testosterone is essential for your masculinity…

…and that it plays a large role in your sex life.

Testosterone has whole-body-health implications too…

It’s particularly important for brain and cardiovascular health.

Low testosterone is now reaching epidemic levels, and there are many reasons for this.

But one of the major factors is the widespread and increasing use in statins – particularly in older guys.

Decreasing testosterone is just one of the many severe side-effects of these common treatments.

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The human research was carried out at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This paper was published in the European Journal of Endocrinology.

The cholesterol hypothesis asserts that high cholesterol is the cause of plaque buildup in the blood vessels that causes atherosclerosis…

…leading to a number of potentially fatal cardiovascular diseases.

This is a preposterous hypothesis when you look at the existing evidence – as I have discussed elsewhere…

The idea behind the use of statins is that they are very effective at lowering cholesterol.

“Statins decrease cholesterol production.”

The problem is that cholesterol is not some waste product that clogs the blood vessels.

Cholesterol has many absolutely essential functions in the body.

Cholesterol is the building block of many essential hormones – including testosterone.

“Because cholesterol is a precursor of the testosterone biosynthesis pathway, there is some concern that statins might lower serum testosterone levels.”

It’s obvious that decreasing cholesterol could lead to lower testosterone – and these researchers wanted to test that possibility in the real world.

“The objective of the present study was to investigate the association between the use of statins and serum testosterone levels in men.

The researchers looked at testosterone lab results in over 4,000 men.

“We included 4166 men with available data on total testosterone, non-sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG)-bound testosterone, and medication use.”

The researchers looked at testosterone levels in men who currently use statins, have used statins in the past but not now, and those who have never used statins.

“Multivariable linear regression analysis was used to compare the differences in serum testosterone levels between current, past, and never statin users.”

The researchers also took into account the duration of statin use and the dose that the men were on.

They also included other relevant factors in their calculations.

“Analyses were adjusted for age, BMI, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and estradiol levels.”

Statin users have significantly lower total testosterone.

“Current statin use was significantly associated with lower total testosterone levels as compared to non-users.”

Statin users have significantly lower free testosterone too.

“Current use of 1-≤ 6 months was also associated with significantly lower non-SHBG-bound testosterone levels.”

Higher doses of statins seem to cause a greater decrease in testosterone levels.

“There was a trend toward lower testosterone levels at higher statin doses both for total and non-SHBG-bound testosterone.”

There was some good news, however – it seems that the drop in testosterone caused by statins is reversible.

“No association between past statin use and testosterone levels was found.”

Previous rodent experiments showed that statins reduce the production of testosterone in the testicles.

Experiments like this show that those effects are relevant to humans too.

Statins are probably a significant cause of the overall drop in testosterone levels in men over the last few decades.

“We showed that current use of statins was associated with significantly lower serum total and non-SHBG-bound testosterone levels. The clinical relevance of this association should be further investigated.”

There is a very significant clinical relevance to decreasing testosterone levels in men.

The clinical relevance really should have been addressed before these treatments were ever brought to market.

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Use of statins is associated with lower serum total and non-sex hormone-binding globulin-bound testosterone levels in male participants of the Rotterdam Study