80% of men suffering from this mineral deficiency

Here’s how to know if you’re one of them…

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Are you one of the 80% of men who are unknowingly suffering from this mineral deficiency?

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If you have at least one of the problems listed below, the answer is almost certainly “yes”…

  • a lack of deep, rejuvenating sleep
  • fatigue, low energy and exhaustion
  • low testosterone, declining libido, and weak performance in bed
  • excess cortisol (stress), which can lead to unwanted body-fat, and a lack of muscle & strength
  • brain fog, and a lack of mental clarity and focus
  • cardiovascular issues and high blood pressure

Unfortunately, most doctors don’t ever test for this mineral deficiency…

But the good news is that it’s easy to fix this mineral deficiency in as little as 30 seconds!

Here’s how, using this super simple “Dead Sea” mineral spray any man can use


Scary side effects from these cholesterol-lowering tablets

Matt Cook here, and I’ve been researching the potential harmful effects of Big Pharma treatments for decades…

And yet it’s still alarming when you find out that supposedly “well-tolerated” treatments that are taken by millions of people…

…can have alarming side effects.It’s even worse when those side effects are rarely discussed and patients are blind sided by them.

But it happens far more often than you think.

One of the most broadly used groups of treatments that cause these types of surprise side effects is statins.

These treatments are used to lower cholesterol…

…but they can have side effects that can really mess up quality of life and create a great deal of misery.

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A terrible side effect of statins is a condition called idiopathic inflammatory myositis.

This isn’t a super common side effect, but if you get it then you can end up having serious problems.Now… I’m not saying to go off of treatments without consulting with your doctor.

If you are concerned about treatment you are on, then you should always consult with your doctor before going off of them.

I’m not a doctor and I can’t give medical advice.

Idiopathic Inflammatory Myositis

Idiopathic inflammatory myositis (IIM) is an inflammation of the muscles that are used for body movement.

Idiopathic inflammatory myopathy is a group of disorders characterized by inflammation of the muscles used for movement (skeletal muscles).

The symptoms of this IIM include muscle weakness, joint pain, and fatigue.

If you end up with IIM it can cause serious problems with day to day function in life.

The primary symptom of idiopathic inflammatory myopathy is muscle weakness, which develops gradually over a period of weeks to months or even years. Other symptoms include joint pain and general tiredness (fatigue).

Of course, your heart is a muscle and statins are supposed to benefit heart health…

…but if they cause muscle weakness are they actually doing that?

It seems to me that something that causes muscle damage may also be DAMAGING your heart.

Here’s a study from Australia that shows that statins can cause idiopathic inflammatory myositis.

In this large population-based study, statin exposure was significantly associated with histologically confirmed IIM. Given the increased use of statins worldwide and the severity of IIM, increased awareness and recognition of this potentially rare adverse effect of statin exposure is needed.

And here is another study published way back in 2007 that shows that statins put you at higher risk for myositis!

Myositis was significantly associated with statin monotherapy (RR 2.8 [95% confidence interval

Big Pharma has known about this correlation for over a decade and patients still don’t usually know that this risk is a very real possibility.

I think doctors are afraid that if they tell patients about this risk then they won’t take the treatments…

…and the FDA doesn’t seem to think that myositis is worth making a big deal about.

I can’t tell you what to do, but personally I would never take a statin.

The side effects can be severe, there is no real evidence that they extend life…

…and cholesterol isn’t the super bad guy that the medical community makes it out to be.

I also think it’s super important to take a critical eye to whatever treatments that your doctor gives you…

…and to ask questions so that you understand if the risk is worth the benefit in your particular situation.

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This 1 supplement naturally turns cholesterol into testosterone – no statins

Statins are one of the most widely used Big Pharma treatments in the world.

They bring in billions of dollars every year.

And yet, statins cause terrible erections problems in men…

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Statins stop the body from naturally converting cholesterol into testosterone in the Leydig cells of a man’s testicles.

So I figured out how to use C2T instead, a natural supplement for men.

How does C2T work?

C2T takes cholesterol and converts it into testosterone using a natural process that already takes place in the body…

This protocol just speeds it up — so you’re not really doing a thing, it’s your body doing all the work…

And now you have HIGHER testosterone and normal cholesterol levels.

And it’s natural.

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So you can get off the dangerous statins with your doctor’s blessing…

…and enjoy extremely stiff rocky ones that last 30 minutes or more.

A huge win/win for men

Free today: C2T converts testosterone into cholesterol — get it here


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