The three cent remedy for a “hopeless” liver condition

Doctors said it couldn’t be “fixed”

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and most men don’t realize that poor erections could be coming from the liver and pancreas.

See, when these organs get bogged down with toxins, it can lead to all sorts of issues down there.

But I recently came across a cheap 3 cent discovery that could help – and it’s something you probably have in your cabinet right now…

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The three cent remedy for a “hopeless” liver condition

Chronic pancreatitis is an increasingly common problem over the last 30 years.

It’s a painful condition that seems to lead to liver and pancreatic cancer.

There are no official treatments – doctors tell people to cut back or stop drinking alcohol…

….but that seems to have little effect on the course of the disease.

However, animal experiments show that aspirin seems to be effective at treating chronic pancreatitis…

…just as it is effective at treating acute pancreatitis.

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The animal experiments were performed at Ningxia Medical University in China. The paper was published in the Journal of Inflammation Research.

Chronic pancreatitis is a troubling condition that has baffled many in the medical community for decades.

We do know that it’s a problem related to inflammation and fibrosis – fibrosis is the growth of weblike scar tissue.

“Chronic pancreatitis is a complex and intractable disease mainly manifested as chronic inflammation and fibrosis.”

Aspirin can help with both chronic inflammation and fibrosis.

Aspirin is also a known treatment for their related condition – acute pancreatitis.

Aspirin has been reported to be used in the treatment of acute pancreatitis, but its effectiveness on chronic pancreatitis is unclear.”

So these researchers decided to carry out some experiments looking at the effect of aspirin on chronic pancreatitis.

“This study aimed to investigate the therapeutic effects of aspirin in chronic pancreatitis mice.”

The researchers created chronic pancreatitis in mice first by injecting them with an amino acid called L-arginine.

“A murine model of chronic pancreatitis was induced by intraperitoneal injection with 20% L-arginine.”

After the mice had developed chronic pancreatitis from excessive L-arginine they were treated with aspirin.

“After one week of L-arginine administration, mice in the aspirin treatment group were administered aspirin.”

Some of the mice were killed at intervals of 2 weeks for the next 6 weeks.

Then the researchers examined the pancreas of the animals to assess the effects of their experiments.

“At two, four, and six weeks after the first injection of L-arginine, mice were euthanized and the pancreas was collected for histological and molecular analysis.”

They also carried out similar experiments inducing chronic pancreatitis…

…in order to make sure that any benefits of aspirin are limited to chronic pancreatitis caused by excess L-arginine.

“A second model of chronic pancreatitis (caerulein-induced) was used as a validation experiment to test the effect of aspirin.”

Both substances (L-arginine and caerulein) increased COX-2 – a fundamental inflammatory agent produced in the body.

One of the many effects of aspirin is reducing COX-2.

“L-arginine-induced chronic pancreatitis resulted in over-expression of the inflammatory enzyme cyclooxygenase (COX)-2.”

Aspirin reduced COX-2, inflammation and injury to the pancreas in rodents with chronic pancreatitis caused by L-arginine.

“COX-2 expression decreased after aspirin treatment. Pancreatic-injury inflammatory response and fibrosis was reduced in aspirin -treated mice model.”

Aspirin also reduced inflammation and chronic pancreatitis in rodents which had been injured using caerulin rather than L-arginine.

“The therapeutic effect of aspirin was also observed in caerulein-induced Chronic pancreatitis.”

Aspirin seems to work at the fundamental level of inflammation (COX-2) in chronic pancreatitis.

The fact that it helped with experimental pancreatitis from different compounds…

…strengthens the evidence for this over-the-counter medicine in the treatment of this “untreatable” condition.

It seems that aspirin can treat a whole lot of “untreatable” conditions…

“Aspirin has an ameliorating effect in murine models of chronic pancreatitis through inhibition of pancreatic inflammation and fibrosis, which may be a promising option for clinical treatment.”

At this point it’s difficult to know how much aspirin would be needed to treat chronic pancreatitis in humans.

Higher doses of aspirin (>300mg) can have a blood thinning effect which can be troubling, especially in people already taking blood thinning substances.

The blood thinning effect of high-dose aspirin can be mitigated with appropriate doses of vitamin K2 and glycine.

…so while aspirin is a great start, it’s really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to keeping your liver and pancreas in top shape.

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Aspirin Ameliorates Pancreatic Inflammation and Fibrosis by Inhibiting COX-2 Expression in Experimental Chronic Pancreatitis