Ancient elongation ritual for maximizing your size

This ritual was invented by a reclusive African tribe renowned for the size of their members…

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Does this ancient elongation ritual really maximize your size?

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The elders of a reclusive African tribe have been using it for years, behind closed doors…

When they reach age 13, they are taught this “rockiness ritual” that grows and STRENGTHENS their boners.

Their manhoods are truly legendary.

Women from neighboring tribes literally travel on rafts, down the perilous Nile River…

…just to get penetrated by these giant manhoods…

And we now know the secret behind these MASSIVE members…

It all comes from 1 surprisingly simple “rockiness ritual” that any man can do in the comfort of his own home.


Can static electricity help regrow men’s hair?

Regrowing hair can be tricky, and many people think it’s impossible.

But if you read through the research, you can find interesting studies showing strange and exciting ways to regrow.

One method is to use pulsed static electricity.

The human study showed significant increases in hair regrowth using this method over 9 months.

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The human research was conducted at the University of British Columbia School of Medicine in Vancouver, Canada. This paper was published in the International Journal of Dermatology.

The authors of this study claimed to have achieved pretty spectacular results using pulsed electrical fields on the scalp for a few months.

“This comparative, controlled study demonstrates the positive biologic effect on hair regrowth of a pulsed electrical field administered according to a regularized treatment schedule over 36 weeks.”

The researchers recruited and categorized 73 men with male pattern baldness.

“Seventy-three white men exhibiting male pattern baldness were enrolled in the study. Other participation requirements were dark hair coloring.”

Several men dropped out of the study, but in the end, they had data from 56 people.

30 men were treated with static electrical fields. The remainder were put through a sham treatment.

“Data for 56 subjects, 30 treatment and 26 control, were collected over a period of 36 weeks for each individual.”

The men were placed under a device that looked like a hair salon dryer.

This device could produce a low-level static electrical field that reaches the hair follicles.

“The procedure for both groups A and B was identical and required each subject be seated in a chair and place his head under a hemispherical hood, similar to a salon type hair dryer.”

The treatment lasted 12 minutes, and this was done once a week for 9 months.

“Treatments were given once weekly throughout the 36 week period. All treatments were of 12 minutes duration.”

The researchers used 4 devices – 2 active and 2 which were not switched on and used in the placebo group.

“Two devices were fully operational and used for group A subjects. Two other devices had their output circuitry severed such that no electrical energy reached the hood and were used by group B.”

Devices submitted a small electrical field, and the intensity of the electrical field was measured at all times to ensure that it reached the specifications set out by the researchers.

“Electrical output at the hood was monitored and measured regularly to ensure adherence to proprietary specifications.”

The results were pretty impressive.

There was a 66% increase in hair growth.

“Mean hair count comparisons within the groups significantly favor the treatment group, which exhibited a 66.1% hair count increase over baseline.”

There was some increase in the control group, but it was less than half that seen in the active group.

“The control group increase over baseline was 25.6%.”

Another way of showing the benefits is that almost all of the participants in the active group did not lose hair during the trial.

“It is notable also that 97% of the treatment subjects exhibited regrowth or no further hair loss.”

The researchers reported no adverse effects from the treatment.

The idea is that appropriate, low doses of electrostatic energy can stimulate hair growth.

“The rationale of this phenomenon is unclear but is considered to be due to an electrophysiologic effect on the quiescent hair follicle, similar to that documented with respect to bone fracture and soft tissue repair enhancement.”

This method seems to work by modulating energy production in the hair follicle – and that seems to be key for regrowth.

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Rubbing this natural balm on your scalp before bed leads to new hair growth while you sleep

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This natural balm oxygenates the hair follicles on your scalp and improves blood flow to the top of your head…

So hair loss slows down right away, and eventually stops for good.

Then new hair starts growing in, thanks to this potent balm…

…until you have thick, full, natural hair that other men are jealous of… and women can’t stop complimenting you on…

You just put a few drops of this natural balm on your head before going to sleep…

And it naturally stimulates new hair growth and stops hair loss while you sleep!

Here’s the natural balm that slows down and prevents hair loss, and lets you grow new hair in your sleep…


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The biological effects of a pulsed electrostatic field with specific reference to hair. Electrotrichogenesis