Your feet can boost testosterone

Vitamin D Supplementation

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Your feet can boost testosterone

Testosterone deficiency is becoming more and more common among men of all ages.

Low testosterone is strongly associated with heart disease, type 2 diabetes, infertility, and abdominal fat.

Previous studies have shown a correlation between vitamin D deficiency and low testosterone in men.

This study set out to discover whether vitamin D supplementation can raise testosterone levels over the long term.

Effects of Vitamin D supplementation on T Levels

These researchers did their study at the Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Medical University of Graz, Austria. The Journal of Hormonal and Metabolic Research published the results.

Before they did this study, the scientists already knew that vitamin D had some effect on male reproductive function.

“The male reproductive tract has been identified as a target tissue for vitamin D… And previous data suggest an association of vitamin D with testosterone levels in men.”

They wanted to prove whether or not vitamin D directly affects testosterone.

“We therefore aimed to evaluate whether vitamin D supplementation influences testosterone levels in men.”

The study enrolled overweight but otherwise healthy men between 20 and 49 years old.

The participants were on a year-long weight loss program.

“Healthy overweight men undergoing a weight reduction program were analyzed for testosterone levels.”

54 men completed the year-long trial.

The researchers gave 31 of the men vitamin D supplements to take daily.

And 23 of the men got an inactive placebo.

“54 men completed the trial. Participants received either vitamin D or placebo – daily for one year.”

Vitamin D levels and testosterone levels were low in both groups at the beginning of the study.

“Initial vitamin D concentrations were in the deficiency range and testosterone was at the lower end of the reference range both groups.”

Vitamin D supplementation effectively raised the levels of vitamin D.

The placebo group did not show increased levels.

“Vitamin D concentrations increased significantly in the vitamin D group, but remained almost constant in the placebo group.”

Testosterone increased by 25% with vitamin D supplementation.

“Compared to baseline values, a significant increase in total testosterone levels from 10.7 to 13.4 was observed in the vitamin D group.”

Two other testosterone blood tests confirmed the effect.

“Significant increases in bioactive testosterone and free testosterone levels were also observed in the vitamin D supplemented group.”

The researchers did not see these increases in testosterone in the placebo group.

So it seems likely that vitamin D caused the increase in testosterone.

“By contrast, there was no significant change in any testosterone measure in the placebo group.”

The authors believe that vitamin D is not only associated with higher testosterone but causes it to increase.

They recommended further studies into this.

“Our results suggest that vitamin D supplementation might increase testosterone levels. Further trials are warranted.”

This study used a moderate amount of easily available vitamin D3.

“Participants received 3,332 international units of vitamin D daily.”

High doses of vitamin D can create an imbalance with other vitamins in the body.

However, 3,332 international units of vitamin D is not that high.

And the recommended daily allowance for vitamin D is 600 international units with the upper intake level set at 4,000 units for adults.

This level of supplementation fits within the normal window set by the Institute of Medicine – the advisory body to the US Congress on nutrition.

Many foods naturally contain small amounts of natural vitamin D.

However, exposure to sunlight is the best way to increase D levels without supplementation.

For people with pale skin, 10 minutes of midday summer sun may be enough to support healthy vitamin D levels.

Weaker sunlight or darker skin requires longer exposure times to get the same amount of vitamin D.

You should get your vitamin D levels tested, especially when you’re taking supplemental vitamin D.

But the bottom line is, there is nothing like sunlight to raise your T. Use your feet to walk outside. Take your shirt off and enjoy.

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