What’s your testosterone story

I thought it would be interesting to hear your story about testosterone.

Have you taken TRT?

Have you tried to raise your T?

What’s worked or not worked?




    • Similar situation here Matt, Putting on weight,little or no sex drive and if I do no physical response. Tried a lot of supplements, the blue pill and others to no avail. I work out with a trainer and still having troubles with weight loss,especially around the belly. Had my T tested ,came in at just over 300. I would love to try your product, it sounds like we are very similar in our problems and I would definately prefer natural products over chemicals. So please let me in on your secret.

  1. Thanks Matt for asking. I’m at the age where testosterone starts its slow descent, so I wanted to look into T therapy.

    I looked at injections because I’ve heard that they work the best, and they definitely did…

    At first.

    I felt great, I had more energy than I’d had in years and it even helped my depression.

    Plus my libido was through the roof.

    But then I went into my doc complaining of a rapid heartbeat when I tried to sleep at night. Plus my hands would be numb when I woke up — a circulation issue maybe?

    One EKG later and my doc was telling me all about a heart anomaly they found.

    My dad died of a heart attack so I immediately dropped the TRT.

    At first it was pretty tough.

    Started feeling a lot more emotional.

    Wife sure did miss my higher libido though LOL!

    But after finding a testosterone supplement I like I’ve found a way to get the T that I need without so much as a heart murmur since.

  2. I’ll keep this short: TRT was the worst mistake of my life.

    Went on it hoping to feel like more of a man.

    But my doc gave me nothing for the estrogen. No aromatase inhibitor, nothing.

    Blood pressure went up.

    Started retaining water.

    Don’t even get me started on the manboobs.

    TRT made me into more of a woman than before I started it.

  3. I tried to ignore my low T for way too long. I told myself I was busy with the kids and I’d get to it eventually…

    But then eventually turned into years, and things got worse and worse. I heard having kids actually lowers your T, and maybe that’s true…

    So I started looking into TRT.

    And I did not like what I saw — at all.

    Shrunken balls, raised PSA, heart problems, clotting…

    I decided the risks weren’t for me.

    I’m still looking for a solution that I like — that’s actually how I found your blog. Thanks Matt!

  4. I had been feeling pretty sluggish without energy for years. I finally read some articles about testosterone therapy and decided to check my levels. For years ive been extremely low between 222-390. I went to a TRT clinic but was put off by all of the side effects of TRT. I have been searching for supplements or something that will help, but so far nothing has helped me get out of the hole. Im still in the search.

  5. Only decent testosterone response, IE somewhat normal erections, happen from about 4 am to 6 or so.
    There has been much improvement of general health and weight has stabalized at 155 to 160, my weight from late teens to later middle age. Had been, until recently, about 175. What changed was due to cutting out all sweets possible, all gluten, bread, etc. No pizza, organic as much as possible, no alcohol. In bars, I like to socialize and do so with liquids I bring in, primarily my own well water. I buy a plastic cup for five dollars a pop to pay for the real estate I use up. I do not drink club soda or city water. And, minimize dairy products. All this was to good effect for weight, but did little to improve hardness unless early in the am.
    So, whatever you are selling, get to it. Dont play games. Am willing to pay a reasonable amount to try something. I may even continue reporting success or not so much success as time go on, particularly if your method works.

  6. Matt,
    I have not tried TRT, but do physical work and try to be healthy. I have an enlarged prostate. I have tried various supplements, but nothing has helped. I only take a low dose aspirin daily. BP
    is 120/65. I also take E and K2. Do you use
    Urgent Prostate Assist? I Urologist prescribed first one then the other usual ones. All I got was man boobs growing with one and the other one made me sick.
    Thank you,

  7. Hi Matt:
    While I have not tried/considered TRT, I have tried to raise my T levels. Over the years, I have tried your own protocols but nothing has resulted in any improvement to my conditions – weak to no erections. Low libido/testosterone is so bad, that I am distracted/mind drift away from the actual sexual event.
    Oh! I am 66 years old, in relative good physical condition. I am 5’8″ tall with weight at 172 lb-180 lb.
    No morning erection for years. I only fairly recently realized that the disappearance of morning erections, was a sign of big problems.
    It has not helped that I have for many years been diagnosed with BPH issues.

  8. I have never tried TRT. I don’t know what it is, and I probably won’t find out what it is.Over the last couple of months I have tried a few things that you recommended but to no avail nothing has worked.
    I am 62 years old and haven’t had sex with my wife of 36 years for almost 1 year. I had a wide verity of medical issues that are making life a real challenge.But I keep tiring to find something that will work for me even with my issues, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Over Weight.

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