What your doctor won’t tell you… this is the #1 reason for “rockiness” problems

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And it turns out, men who have a bit of a belly almost always have high estrogen.

This leads to erectile dysfunction – and can make it so men struggle to perform sexually.

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What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You, This Is The #1 Reason for ED

In the West, the common thinking is that illnesses you can “see” (such as a broken bone) are real…

But ones you can’t see (such as anxiety, depression, or stress) are “all in your head.”

At least that’s been the prevailing underlying thought for hundreds of years in Western medicine.

And it’s caused SO MUCH damage…

In fact, I know from working with guys who have ED that they still get the message (all the time) that it’s all in their head…

(Although not so much since Viagra hit the market.)

And this “all in your head” stuff can be devastating.

We now know that there are physical factors to every illness, even illnesses that seem hidden at first glance.

That’s a good thing, because it means we can now treat and PREVENT all kinds of health problems that people used to dismiss as not treatable.

But what’s interesting is the cause of many of these “all in your head” health problems come from an invisible source: stress hormones.

Stress hormones cause an inflammatory response in your body and can lead to “rockiness” problems, diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s, and more.

In fact, according to Prajokta Ray of the study below…

“Stress harms us in so many ways. And it sneaks up on you. You don’t know how devastating a short or long duration of stress can be… So many physical ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and neurological or psychological disorders are attributed to stress the patient has gone through. That’s what interested me.”

But, although we can measure these stress hormones, we can’t see them.

And, for those of us who live in the West, we might dismiss their effects as “all in our heads” unless we know they are actually THERE.

That’s where this new development comes in that might eventually let people measure their stress hormones from home…

So they can take proactive steps to reduce their stress hormones when their levels are high – BEFORE they cause bad health effects.

Label-Free Optical Detection of Multiple Biomakers in Sweat, Plasma, Urine, and Saliva

Why understanding your stress hormones is so important

As I mentioned earlier, stress hormones are one of the main drivers of internal inflammation.

And internal inflammation is a huge driver of disease – especially things that are considered “aging-related diseases” or stuff you’re more likely to get as you get older.

So when you have a way to know for sure if your stress hormones have spiked, it’s easier to take measures to remediate those high levels and prevent the inflammation response.

One of the researchers for this new device that lets you test your stress levels at home had that experience with his dad:

Personal experience helping his father with a health crisis informed his research and opinion that a home test for various health concerns would be incredibly helpful.”

He got tired of taking his dad to the lab all the time for new tests and wanted to give his dad more control over his own health.

Because, let’s face it, going to the doctor all the time is absolutely exhausting.

According to Andrew J. Steckl of the same study:

“I had to take him quite often to the lab or doctor to have tests done to adjust his medication. I thought it would be great if he could just do the tests himself to see if he was in trouble or just imagining things…”

In response to wanting to give his dad more control, this researcher developed this device that lets you test stress levels at home through ultraviolet light and body fluids (such as saliva)…

And it doesn’t require needles.

“UC researchers developed a device that uses ultraviolet light to measure stress hormones in a drop of blood, sweat, urine or saliva. These stress biomarkers are found in all of these fluids, albeit in different quantities…”

This could be a game changer for a lot of people.

Unfortunately, this device isn’t available on the market yet…

But if you know about how stress affects your system and learn how to mitigate that hormone dump through mediation, diet, and exercise, you’ll be WAY ahead healthwise.

To your health!

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