Here’s what really fixes “beer bellies” in men

Here’s what really fixes “beer bellies” in men

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Here’s what really fixes “beer bellies” in men

Scientists have known for some time that insulin resistance tends to occur alongside inflamed fat around the abdominal region.

But a new study shows that the inflammation in belly fat is caused by an enzyme released by the liver.

Blocking this enzyme can lower inflammation and insulin resistance.

Hepatocyte-secreted DPP4 in obesity promotes adipose inflammation and insulin resistance

The researchers did this animal study at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center and published their results in the journal Nature.

Obesity and other metabolic problems involve different parts of the body.

The gut is usually involved… And so are the liver, the pancreas, the brain, etc.

“Obesity-induced metabolic diseases involve several organs.”

Belly fat becomes inflamed in obesity – and this inflamed belly fat is somehow associated with insulin resistance.

“In obese humans, there is a close correlation between belly fat inflammation and insulin resistance.”

Blocking inflammation can improve insulin resistance in mice.

“In obese mice, blocking systemic or belly fat inflammation improves insulin sensitivity.”

This study set out to find the source of the inflammation in belly fat.

Different parts of the body can release biochemical messengers.

And these messengers can travel around the body and stimulate inflammation in other parts of the body.

The scientists discovered a messenger that is released from the livers of obese animals – and it’s called DPP4.

“Here we show that obesity in mice causes liver cells to produce dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP4).”

This messenger (DPP4) travels through the blood to the belly where it causes inflammation.

“Dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP4) acts with other factors to inflame belly fat.”

Scientists discovered that DPP4 produced in the liver causes inflammation in belly fat.

AND this inflammation is associated with insulin resistance.

So the scientists decided to try and block DPP4 in the liver because blocking this inflammatory peptide may reduce insulin resistance.

And it turned out that lowering the production of DPP4 in the liver decreased belly fat inflammation.

“Silencing expression of DPP4 in the liver up suppresses inflammation of belly fat.”

Blocking the inflammatory signal (DPP4) from the liver to the belly fat also improved insulin resistance.

“Silencing DPP4 in the liver suppresses insulin resistance.”

This study opens a window on a new treatment for insulin resistance – one that acts on inflammatory signals sent from the liver.

Scientists have known about some of the effects of DPP4 for quite some time.

Previously, they tried to lower DPP4 by using an oral drug…

And the oral medicine used to lower DPP4 is somewhat effective…

But only in the gut. It does not reach the liver.

“A similar effect is not seen with the orally administered DPP4 inhibitor sitagliptin.”

Because the inflammation related to insulin resistance is generated in the liver, this drug is not as effective there.

The study indicates that delivery of an anti-DPP4 drug to the liver could be an effective treatment for insulin resistance.

The current generation of DPP4 inhibitors is effective in lowering blood sugar.

But they lower blood sugar by blocking DPP4 in the gut.

It seems that blocking DPP4 in the gut and liver would be much more effective.

Scientists are now working on a couple of different approaches for delivering DPP4 to the liver.

One of these methods involves attaching DPP4 to tiny structures called nanoparticles.

These nanoparticles would prevent the medication from being used up in the gut.

And this nanoparticles delivery system could deliver medicine to the liver, lowering insulin resistance.

The second idea is to bypass the liver and treat the abdominal fat directly with something to block DPP4.

This could be done by injection – or possibly by topical application of a cream.

The scientists are confident that the same inflammatory pathway works in humans and that these results are relevant to humans.

You should see a healthcare professional about treatment and diagnosis of insulin resistance.

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