The shocking truth about serotonin

The shocking truth about serotonin

They covered up the side effects for more than 26 years, hurting millions of men… 

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The shocking truth about serotonin 

It has long been known that the SSRI drugs for anxiety and depression are extremely harmful. 

One of the primary reasons is that they tend to raise serotonin levels in the body.

Serotonin, Atherosclerosis, and Collateral Vessel Spasm

In this study, they injured one of the animals’ main arteries to produce arterial damage, and then they evaluated the results.

They found that animals with arterial injury exhibited very high “super sensitivity” to the hormone serotonin for at least six months.

“…platelet activation by endothelial injury contributes to ischemia through blood vessel occlusion and vascular spasm.”

Platelet activation means that the platelets (small cells in the blood that help with clotting) are full of serotonin. 

And with this super sensitivity to serotonin, these high-serotonin platelets cause a lack of oxygen and spasms in the blood vessels.

This is a very important contribution to science because it shows:

“…platelet products (serotonin) contribute to vascular disease…”

So now we understand that injury to the blood vessels can increase serotonin. 

The platelets in the blood carry serotonin and can cause injury to the newly super-sensitive tissues. 

And this effect can last for many months.

Now we should shift over to looking at the SSRI medications that increase serotonin levels in the body.

In this study, they gave monkeys a common SSRI better known by its trade name, Zoloft. 

Some of the monkeys were depressed and some were not. 

The depressed monkeys had more atherosclerosis – more hardening of the arteries in general.

But the depressed monkeys that were given SSRIs had runaway atherosclerosis – 600% worse than other monkeys.

Now we can see why this is… 

SSRIs increase serotonin levels in the platelets. 

And those platelets go on to injure the blood vessels and cause hardening of the arteries.

The same thing is probably going on in your brain if you are on SSRIs. 

Increasing brain serotonin also probably damages brain tissue and probably causes low-oxygen micro-strokes in the brain.

When drugs are introduced, it is very difficult to get any real facts about side effects like these. 

Studies like this are done decades later. 

Zoloft was introduced in 1991. Since then millions and millions of people have been on it…

And many of them have probably suffered very bad effects over time.

The same story is repeated over and over and over. 

So beware of any new medication. Don’t believe that studies show how safe it is. 

The doctor probably doesn’t realize it either, because these studies are never done. 

And if they are done, they are suppressed legally so that the really bad effects only emerge decades later. 

In the case of Zoloft, it’s 26 years later.

If you are on SSRIs you should probably talk to the doctor about this study and see if you can try a different type of medication. 

The better ones are probably the tricyclic antidepressants, some of which are much older, more proven, and do not raise serotonin levels.

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