The Secret Cure They’ve Been Hiding From You

The Secret Cure They’ve Been Hiding From You

Dr. Bradstreet came up with a cure to cancer… And now he’s dead and the cure is being covered up…

—-Important Message—-

There’s a Reason Why We Don’t Have a Cure for Cancer by Now…

And it all comes back to Big Pharma’s profits…  

You see, Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside successfully cured lung cancer with a natural remedy… And then he turned up dead…

Public deserves whole story on Whiteside death

And Big Pharma only makes money TREATING disease, not by curing it…

So think about it – just a single natural cure could slash Big Pharma’s insane profits in half literally overnight…

And they are desperate not to let this happen.

Desperate enough to do whatever it takes to keep this secret cure hidden from the public


The Secret Cure They’ve Been Hiding From You

None of the treatments for type 2 diabetes actually treat any of the underlying causes.

Most Big Pharma medicines only treat the surface symptoms and can make you worse off over time…

I’m pretty convinced that Big Pharma doesn’t really want you to get better…

Because long-term, chronic medication use is their cash cow.

And so it turns out that some of the base causes of getting and having diabetes may not be exactly what you think they are.

Knowing this may help you treat not just the symptoms but also the underlying causes.

Just don’t tell Big Pharma.

High Fat Intake Leads to Acute Postprandial Exposure to Circulating Endotoxin in Type 2 Diabetic Subjects

Endotoxins are released by high-fat diets – and that’s bad for diabetics.

If you’ve never heard of endotoxins before, don’t worry.

It’s not a word that most people come across every day.

But it is an important concept to understand when it comes to diabetes.

Endotoxins, toxic substance bound to the bacterial cell wall and released when the bacterium ruptures or disintegrates.”

Endotoxins can circulate in your bloodstream and cause inflammation in your body.

In turn, inflammation drives all kinds of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and even erectile dysfunction.

And scientists are now finding that high-fat diets can trigger massive endotoxin release in the body…

And this is true whether you have diabetes or not.

So it’s best to avoid high-fat diets no matter what your metabolic state is.

“These studies have highlighted that exposure to a high-fat meal elevates circulating endotoxin irrespective of metabolic state, as early as one hour after a meal.” 

But, when you have type 2 diabetes, this effect of endotoxin release after a high-fat meal is amplified.

That means more inflammation that will occur in your body.

This sets you up for a negative downward spiral.

The more endotoxins your body produces, the greater the inflammation will be…

And that inflammation will make your diabetic symptoms worse.

Unfortunately, the typical advice for diabetics is to watch sugar intake – and this only treats the symptoms.

It does nothing to stop the cascade of problems that high endotoxins cause.

Now, some doctors will also tell you to watch your fat intake, but most doctors don’t.

And it turns out the fat intake is one of the underlying causes of a lot of the inflammation that causes diabetes.

“However, this increase is substantial in IGT and type 2 diabetic subjects, suggesting that metabolic endotoxemia is exacerbated after high fat intake.”

Scientists further concluded that snacking all the time – especially with high-fat foods – is extremely bad for people with diabetes…

It creates a continual exposure to more and more endotoxins.

“In conclusion, our data suggest that, in a compromised metabolic state such as type 2 diabetes, a continual snacking routine will cumulatively promote their condition more rapidly than in other individuals because of the greater exposure to endotoxin.”

I know it’s very counterintuitive (and I’m not giving medical advice because I’m not a doctor), but I’ve seen a lot of men do very well eating quite a bit of fruit when they have diabetes.

Fruit has a ton of nutritional value and almost no fat.

So it doesn’t trigger this endotoxin response.

Most importantly, you want to avoid eating PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids), because these kinds of fats amplify the endotoxin response even more.

These are fats such as corn oil, canola oil, soy oil, and even fish oil.

So, while you want to reduce your fat intake overall, you especially want to avoid eating PUFAs…

You can replace them with safer fats such as coconut oil and butter.

By reducing your fat intake and changing the fats you eat, you can help to end the negative downward spiral of endotoxin release and inflammation.

—-Important Message About Inflammation—-

Harvard Doctor: Inflammation Is the True Cause of Chronic Disease

Dr. Peter Libby recently proved that inflammation is the true cause of heart disease in his Harvard lab…

And now he’s trying to prove that inflammation is the cause of nearly every other chronic disease too – like diabetes, ED, and even cancer…

I’ve been researching inflammation too, and the evidence is piling up…

…evidence that low-grade, long-term inflammation is the true cause of many terrible health issues affecting men…

And now it seems that a 2,000-year-old natural cure may be the only remedy men need for all of their chronic diseases…

…a protocol that eliminates inflammation in one swoop.

It’s 100% natural and it works by eliminating toxins that buildup in the body and cause widespread inflammation.

So men who use this protocol can actually reverse health issues such as high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, and even diabetes.

Because when inflammation is gone, so is 99% of all disease.

Here’s the simple protocol for men who want to banish chronic inflammation forever (FREE to you today).





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