Suffering from headaches? Try this

Suffering from headaches? Try this

Studies show that headaches are often caused by a lack of oxygen in the brain… Here’s how to fix it without pills. 

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Suffering from headaches? Try this

Today’s newsletter is about headaches — and migraines. Read it all the way through if you or someone you know has EITHER migraines or headaches.

We’ll start with migraines.

Migraines are one of the most debilitating syndromes out there…

Migraines cause headaches, visual problems, sensitivity to light, and sometimes nausea and dizziness.

About one in six people suffer from recurring migraines. 

And there are medications, but they don’t work for everyone.

On top of that, many of the migraine medications have serious side effects.

But now, researchers in Denmark have completed a trial showing the effectiveness of a drug-free migraine treatment.

Treatment of acute migraine by a partial rebreathing device: A randomized controlled pilot study.

These researchers carried out a human double-blinded pilot study at the Department of Clinical Medicine at Aarhus University and the Headache Clinic at Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark. 

The journal Cephalalgia published the results.

One known cause of migraine is low levels of oxygen in the brain.

“Impaired brain oxygen delivery can trigger and exacerbate migraine attacks.”

Aside from oxygen, another gas is relevant for migraine sufferers. And that is carbon dioxide.

High levels of carbon dioxide can increase oxygen delivery to the brain. 

Increasing carbon dioxide can also treat migraines.

“Normoxic hypercapnia increases brain oxygen delivery markedly and hypercapnia has been shown to abort migraine attacks.”

(Hypercapnia is the term for high carbon dioxide.)

These researchers wanted to find a method of increasing carbon dioxide in the brain.

They designed a device called a partial rebreather. 

This device recaptures some of the air that you breathe out.

The rebreather device allows you to breathe in some of the exhaled air and some fresh air.

When we breathe out, we exhale some carbon dioxide…

So rebreathing some of this air should increase carbon dioxide in the system.

“Stable normoxic hypercapnia (high carbon dioxide) can be induced by a compact partial rebreathing device.”

They designed a study to test the effect of this breathing device on migraine.

“This pilot study aimed to provide initial data on the device’s efficacy and safety.”

The study enrolled people suffering from migraine with aura. There are many types of migraines, but this is the most well-known.

In this type of migraine, sufferers experience visual disturbances when the migraine begins. 

They instructed the participants to use the rebreather for 20 minutes when the aura began.

In one part of the trial, participants used a sham device. 

This device looked like the real rebreather but the participants were just breathing normal air.

“Adult migraine-with-aura patients self-administered the partial rebreathing device or a sham device for 20 minutes at the onset of aura symptoms.”

The rebreather significantly increased carbon dioxide in the participants.

“The partial rebreathing device increased carbon dioxide by 24% while retaining mean oxygen saturation above 97%.”

This did not affect oxygen levels. 

But more carbon dioxide means that oxygen is delivered more efficiently.

The study found that use of the rebreather was associated with much less pain two hours after the aura began.

“The difference in percentage of attacks with pain relief at two hours was significant.”

The device seemed to be more effective the more it was used.

“A marked efficacy increase was seen from first- to second-time use of the partial rebreathing device.”

Increasing carbon dioxide over the longer term may be more effective at preventing or limiting migraine attacks than other methods.

The participants reported a preference for the active rebreather device rather than the sham device.

They didn’t identify any safety problems or side effects during the study.

“No adverse events occurred, and side effects were absent or mild.”

The study supports the carbon dioxide/oxygen theory of migraine.

“Normoxic hypercapnia shows promise as an adjunctive/alternative migraine treatment.”

The researchers recommend conducting larger, in-depth trials using partial rebreather technology.

“This device merits further investigation in a large population.”

Previous studies have used different methods to increase carbon dioxide in migraine sufferers.

“Two of the studies used carbon-dioxide-rich gas mixtures administered from pressure bottles.”

These carbon dioxide gas bottles were effective but impractical.

The fact that we exhale carbon dioxide means that gas containers are completely unnecessary.

This research developed an effective method of using exhaled air to correct the balance of carbon dioxide in migraine sufferers.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health problems.

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