Control headache without medications

Control headache without medications

I’ve had pretty severe headaches for about 18 years, maybe even 20 years.

And I’ve been to many different experts to try to get headache relief.

I’ve tried many different approaches.

There are many ways people control headaches without medications.

And I tried most of them.

I’ve tried different forms of massage therapy including Rolfing — a type of massage based on energy manipulation.

I tried acupuncture, acupressure, several types of chiropractic, and active release therapy.

The Egoscue technique, which is a postural therapy, did not help me either.

I’ve tried visiting with a neurologist, being treated by an osteopath, dietary and nutritional approaches, and proteolytic enzymes.

The headaches got worse and worse until I had them every day for the past couple of years.

And they were more and more severe each time and lasted longer.

The headaches gave me a whole body malaise that really made working difficult.

Aspirin or ibuprofen would help a bit, but neither would take away all of the effects.

I suffered through it, but I also used a technique called Open Focus.

Open Focus is a form of guided meditation that helps a patient to not feel or notice pain as much.

And since medication wasn’t helping, I went without it for a long time.

Cervicogenic Headache: A Review of Diagnostic and Treatment Strategies

It took me many many years before I determined that these are called cervicogenic headaches.

A cervicogenic headache is a form of a persistent headache that is caused by another ailment.

Most often, they start in the neck and radiate pain into what becomes a headache.

Nobody ever uses the term, and no one ever told me about it.

But even if they had used that term and told me about it, they probably would’ve pointed me toward surgery or something equally as bad.

Neck pain and muscle tension are common symptoms of a migraine attack.

In a study of 50 patients with migraine, 64% reported neck pain or stiffness associated with their migraine attack.

So this kind of headache may be very common — more common than anyone thinks.

The trick is to figure out what how to get rid of these headaches.

And it turns out that there really is magic in the world!

There are things I can do to immediately and completely cure your problem in some cases.

And it’s so simple!!

A two-minute exercise stops the headaches cold, and I haven’t had any at all since I started this.

If you have headaches, this exercise may help you.

But first, you need to know which type of headache you have to know if the exercise will work.

There are probably three types of headaches.

We’ve all heard about migraines.

Migraine symptoms can be debilitating and there are many migraine cures out there.

Migraines often have disorienting effects, including optical effects that signal they’re coming on.

And then many people have heard of the cluster headache.

Now we know more about this third type of headache — the cervicogenic headache.

Here is a graphic with how to tell if you have a cervicogenic headache and what it is.

Here is a graphic with how to tell if you have a cervicogenic headache and what it is.

I knew I had this type of headache, but none of the experts that I saw knew anything about it.

None of the medical, health, or therapeutic manipulation experts ever suggested this to me.

So people with these headaches are at a loss.

They get so desperate for relief that they go to doctors who are also at a loss.

But the doctor wants to help and does what they know… they try surgery, or they inject anesthetic or cortisol into the spine.

I wasn’t going to surgeries or injections, so I never pursued that.

At best, these offer side effects and recovery times, with only temporary or no help.

Anesthetic injections can temporarily reduce pain intensity.

Nope, not for me.

No needles in the spine or neck for me.

Cervical epidural steroid injections may be indicated in patients with multilevel disc or spine degeneration.

Nope, not going to happen.

Surgical liberation of the occipital nerve from “entrapment” in the trapezius muscle or surrounding connective tissues can provide substantial, but temporary, pain relief in some patients.

Similarly, only temporary pain relief is observed after surgical transection of the greater occipital nerve.

Now that doesn’t sound promising, and it only helped for a short time.

I’m certainly not going to get surgery.

So here I am, year after year, experiencing devastating headaches.

I’m at a total loss, and then… my work helps me.

Through my work as a medical and health researcher, I finally came across the answer.

I became familiar with a very simple technique called the Mulligan Concept.

This is the magic I mentioned.

I tried it, and in 20 seconds… my headaches were gone.

Cervical SNAGs: a biomechanical analysis  

This Mulligan concept has various manipulations that they can show you.

You can even learn them on your own.

I learned a few very simple ones that I do in my neck, and it prevents any headache.

And it only takes about 20 seconds a day.

They don’t really know why this works, but it does work.

It cures headache naturally, and it’s fast.

And it works in seconds.

The reported clinical efficacy cannot be explained purely on the basis of the resultant biomechanical effects in the cervical spine.

The physical therapist that I went to was certified by Dr. Brian Mulligan in New Zealand.

Dr. Mulligan discovered and developed these processes that relieve headaches.

So my therapist learned directly from Dr. Mulligan.

My physical therapist showed me a Washington Redskins player who he had helped overcome plantar fasciitis.

And he did it with a simple Mulligan Concept technique.

This technique has very wide applicability for lower back pain, upper back pain, plantar fasciitis and a lot of other problems.

It does wonders for my headaches and is one of the best cervicogenic and migraine cures without pills.

So I want to encourage you to Google around for Mulligan Concept in your area,

Find a physical therapist who has been certified by Dr. Mulligan.

You might find that he or she can solve your problem without surgery much faster than you can imagine.

The nicest thing about the Mulligan concept is when it works it works almost instantly — as in a few seconds.

So there’s no guessing and nothing long-term that you have to get involved in like you do with chiropractic.

Sometimes chiropractic can be very helpful, and I’m a fan of chiropractors.

But with my headaches, it didn’t do any good at all.

And I went to several really good chiropractors for a long time.

The Mulligan Concept totally took care of my headaches in a few seconds.

And it has kept them away completely.

It’s been a life changer, and I hope that this may help you as well.






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