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There are a lot of things that work better in life if you have a partner.

Sex (at least in my opinion) is one of those things that’s WAY better with a partner.

Weirdly enough, changing habits is another thing that’s WAY better with a partner.

You can break habits more easily or form new habits when you have a partner who is willing to work at it with you.

It doesn’t have to be a romantic partner either. Just someone who wants the same goals as you.

This is especially true for “social habits” like smoking where many people often smoke in groups.

Habits like these can be especially hard to quit because you not only have to give up the habit itself, but you often have to change social groups and situations.

According to study author Magda Lampridou:

“Quitting smoking can be a lonely endeavor… People feel left out when they skip the smoke break at work or avoid social occasions.”

I’m not surprised that pairing up works well in this situation.

But what does surprise me is HOW WELL it works.

And I can guarantee you that when your doctor tells you to quit she’s probably going to give you a nicotine replacement patch or gum and not going to tell you to do this.

That’s why I’m bringing you the info instead.

Want to quit smoking? Partner up

Pairing up works to break bad habits.

I’m going to admit something here that isn’t super popular in “health communities”…

I like to smoke an occasional cigar. I’m not talking about a two-pack a day habit or vaping (which is TERRIBLE for you).

I’m talking about a high-quality cigar once in a while.

If you need a replacement for vapes or cigarettes, it’s what I recommend.

But if I did vape or smoke cigarettes, I would try this technique because the chances of success are so much higher than going it alone.

“The odds of quitting smoking at 16 weeks were significantly higher (5.83-fold) in couples who tried to quit together compared to patients who attempted it alone.”

In fact, this is VERY similar to what I teach for guys in recovery from penile problems.

If you can find a partner to help you recover from penile problems, your recovery will be so much faster and so much easier.

One of the reasons that this works so well is because it creates built-in encouragement.

If one partner who is quitting is having a rough day, they can turn to the other person for support.

“Partners can distract each other from the cravings by going for a walk or to the cinema and encouraging replacement activities like eating healthy food or meditating when alone. Active support works best, rather than nagging.”

And you’ll notice another important strategy in the above paragraph: replacement behaviors.

Replacement behaviors should also be in your arsenal.

No matter what kind of habit you want to break, setting up replacement behaviors in advance can be a super powerful tool to help you develop new, more positive habits.

To set up a replacement behavior, it’s important to think of what the old habit did for you.

Even so-called “bad” habits usually serve a purpose in our lives.

For example, smoking may relieve stress or forge social connections.

If you set up your replacement behavior to meet that same need, then you’ll have much better luck at breaking the bad habit.

And the great thing is that these two strategies – pairing up and replacement behaviors – work really well for nearly any habit you want to break or form.

I have students who have used these two techniques in combination to recover from “rockiness” problems, to lose weight, and to reclaim their health.

Your imagination and your ability to find a partner is really your only limit. This stuff just works!

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