Smoking increases testosterone by 17% in healthy men

Smoking increases testosterone by 17% in healthy men

As you know, in this newsletter we cover studies that have been ignored, buried, or suppressed by the medical establishment and the giant pharmaceutical corporations.

Today we’re going to give you something that may blow your mind but please do me a favor?

Just keep an open mind.

You should know that I have never smoked a tobacco cigarette in my life. Not one. Ever.

But I do enjoy an occasional cigar or pipe.

I do think there are some benefits to nicotine and tobacco. There are certainly dangers of smoking too much.

And I don’t think cigarettes are particularly healthy in any quantity. But there are some studies that show a powerful and important benefit to smoking that you may want to consider.

By the way, cigarettes themselves contain a lot of harmful additives. But if you just have plain tobacco, it is high not just a nicotine but in other compounds which the giant pharmaceutical corporations are very interested in. Cotinine being one of them…

In today’s study, they compared a group of cigarette smokers to non-smokers, males, and they looked at their male hormone levels.

They took 25 cigarette smokers and compared them to similar non-smokers. They had similar BMIs so both groups were similar in fat levels, body type and health status.

Total testosterone and free testosterone were much higher in the cigarette smokers

Levels of total (18.5 versus 15.1 nanoMoles) and free testosterone (462 versus 402 picoMoles) were found to be higher in smokers compared with non-smokers respectively,

also, one of the very beneficial hormone -like compounds is sex hormone binding globulin, SHBG. SHBG  helps the cells take up and utilize testosterone. Higher levels are better. Cigarette smokers had higher levels by quite a margin.

SHBG was higher in smokers (34.1 versus 28.1 nanoMoles).

I personally do not believe in any such thing as “bioavailable testosterone”. I think that total testosterone is what is critical. And it is quite evident that cigarettes raise total testosterone levels in men.

by the way, estrogen levels were not raised at all.

This is in line with research that is shown that nicotine is a potent aromatase inhibitor, that it helps prevent testosterone from being turned into estrogen. Now we also know that cigarettes can actually increase testosterone levels.

It is quite possible that nicotine alone will do the same thing. It is quite easy to get pure nicotine in small amounts these days from “vaping” or E-cigarette supply stores, or you can try gums or nicotine patches.

If you really want to this may be an avenue worth pursuing if you’re interested in raising testosterone levels.

As usual, it’s important to see your doctor and tell him you want to try a little bit of nicotine and see what he says before you actually start on it. Good luck with that. I’m not being sarcastic. You don’t want to training without talking your doctor first of course.

Or you can just self medicate by smoking a cigar or perhaps one or two cigarettes a day. One of the things to keep in mind with nicotine is that if you’ve never tried it, it has a very strong effect. Once your body becomes acclimated to it, the longer-term effects are completely different. So if you are going to try nicotine you may want to try small amounts for a while and then get a blood test done to see its effects.






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Effect of cigarette smoking on levels of bioavailable testosterone in healthy men

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