Sensitivity can be increased up to 90%

I wanted to share an experience I had with increasing sensitivity.

It’s made a huge impact on me, my wife and our marriage.

I have to say that over the decades this has been the missing link as far as erections go.

I have heard from thousands and thousands of men who tell me they aren’t feeling very much.

And almost all men have this experience without realizing that it’s not their fault. It’s not “all in their head.”

(Well it is in their head — the head of their penis.)

It’s a loss of sensitivity and I think it’s due to a very specific cause.

Keratinization. The thickening of the penile skin, especially over the glans and the most sensitive part of the penis, the frenulum.

I’ve since been trying this myself and it’s been extraordinary.

So here’s what I’m asking you to do. Can you briefly tell me about your experiences with loss of feeling, loss of sensitivity?

Be anonymous. Just tell your story. It will help a lot of other guys.


Matt Cook

P.S. Some men are asking for this thing in advance so here it is — go here if you are eager to jump the gun and find out what it’s all about.


  1. Man this is ingtersrting. Loss of penis sensitivity happens as men get older but for me it was something that hapened one time with this girl, I think my penis got damage. Want to learn more for sure

  2. I have lost my love life with my wife.i can’t get hard without a great deal of stimulation. Self love even take forever. If I do reach climax its nothing like it used to be

  3. Ok, from the other side…he says it’s just the way things are and I don’t agree. I LIKE sex and want him to enjoy it too BUT it’s too much work for “an old man(71) any more. Your discovery sounds exactly like what he experiences (and the picture in a carbon copy of his). Please, if there’s a way to help both members of a couple let me know!

  4. It used to be when I first entered a woman it was the most pleasurable part of having intercourse-just rubbing the tip along her wetness would practically make me explode. Now, I barely feel any sensation at the tip of my penis.

  5. Matt. My penis has been so desensitized that I didn’t even feel it when it was split wide open by a Foley tube and I didn’t know it was happening until I saw it haha. But seriously I wanna get it back

  6. Hi Matt been suffering from desensitization for years now and have erections issues because of it, would definitely be interested in your product.

  7. Yes,it is exactly like you described. You don’t feel anything down there,so you don’t enjoy sex. It is like you do it to pleasure your wife,but you don’t enjoy it or even retain hardness. Even ejaculation is too much work for you and your partner and finally you have to do it outside to get your release. Even medicines like Tadalafil or various herbal solutions have no effect. If there is a way to feel normal sensitivity, please let me know. I am 65 years and was having normal sex before a year or so.

  8. My lack of feeling developed after many attempts ro have intercourse with my post menopausal wife. It is hard to enter a woman when she is dry. Eventually I began to experience lack of firmness and sensitivity.

  9. The loss of sensitivity is visibly obvious and the consequences ARE as described. BUT, after years of settling for really STRUGGLING to cum, and even failing it “solo”, I have just gotten used to – “it will never be like is was before. Your comments above give me some hope. SO – what have you got the really WILL work?

  10. OK – This email caught my attention. The “symptoms” describe me to a “T”. My wife looked at me like I was crazy one day when I told her that I just did not feel anything anymore. I’m 62, so I know that things are not like they were when you were young. Hell, just brushing up against her would light me up, but not any more. I would love a solution to this! Bring it on!

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