Revealed: This Simple Secret to Staying Young (A Must Read for ALL Men)

Revealed: This Simple Secret to Staying Young (A Must Read for ALL Men)

Men over 60 have this huge advantage over young men…here’s why… And here’s what to do NOW so you can maintain an extraordinary edge in your daily life…

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Revealed: This Simple Secret to Staying Young

Some things are better when you’re older.

Personally, I’m happier now than probably at any other point in my entire life.

I’m not a young guy anymore either…at least not by most people’s standards.

But life is better now. I get to travel… I have loads of fun with my beautiful wife…

And really, really fantastic sex (and that’s part of the fun).

Sometimes guys ask me how I do it.

How do I stay happy, vibrant, and have great sex?

I think the first answer is that I don’t really view myself as being old.

I plan on living to 120, so I’ve got a lot of years still to go.

But the other part of the answer – and this is big – is that I always take control of my life as much as possible.

I can’t control everything of course, but I can control a great deal.

I never buy into what Big Pharma tells me or pretty much anything else without doing my own research first.

That puts me more in charge of what happens to me.

Science says it’s partly that sense of control that gives my life so much joy.

Here’s how it works:

This study was done on 60- to 90-year-olds AND 18- to 36-year-olds.

It’s interesting, because what gives us joy often changes as we move through life.

The results for what made people in the two age groups feel healthy and YOUNG was very different.

For this study, researchers had 116 older adults (ages 60-90) and 107 younger adults (ages 18-36) fill out a daily survey for eight consecutive days. Study participants were asked questions aimed at assessing their daily stresses, physical health, sense of control over their daily lives, and how old they felt.”

When older adults (like me) feel more in control, they feel younger.

Generally speaking, feeling younger was directly linked to feeling happier and better.

And for people over 60 (at least in this study), that youthful feeling is directly linked to how much control folks felt over their daily lives.

“We found that when older adults felt more in control, they also felt younger. That was true even when accounting for stress and physical health.”

And this feeling of control worked even if people were sick or stressed out or 90 years old.

It didn’t seem to matter what the circumstances were… What mattered was how in control a person felt.

Feeling in control isn’t as important to younger people.

For the most part, health problems and stress were the causes of feeling older for younger people.

“However, an individual’s sense of control had no bearing on self-perceptions of age for young adults. But stress and adverse changes in health did make young people feel older.”

I think as we get older these kinds of things bother us less – because we have more life experience to draw on.

So, if you aren’t a young adult anymore and want to feel more vibrant, younger, and happier – how do you get to that sense of control?

As we get older, it’s important to feel as much control as possible over our lives.

I want you to notice something about this study.

It doesn’t say that when older adults HAVE more control… It says when they FEEL like they have more control.

“…when older adults felt more in control, they also felt younger.”

What this tells me is that you don’t have to control everything… But FEELING like you’re in control of your own destiny is very important.

One of the best tools I’ve found that helps with this (especially for men) is a combination of techniques that I teach in my courses on having awesome sex – even as we age.

I’ve found that when a guy can have sex he feels MUCH more in control of his life.

And the reality is that even if you have ED, you can STILL have the best sex of your life.

This is one area where I always make sure that I am in control (and not my penis).

And it makes me feel younger and more vibrant – which is a wonderful thing!

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