De-aging adults in Boston (men “become younger”)

De-aging adults in Boston (men “become younger”)

At the end of the study, subjects reported lower subjective ages, the researchers found

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De-aging adults in Boston (men “become younger”)

I’m planning on living FOREVER.

Well, not really. That’s not quite possible…yet.

But I’m planning on living to at least 120 years old and I’m excited about it.

You see, I’ve been with relatives while they aged badly – dementia, diabetes, and just generally hating the aging process.

And I am determined that this is NOT going to happen to me.

I want what scientists call my “subjective age” to be as young as possible…

I want to feel younger than my real age says I should feel.

Some of making that happen is about how you treat your body over the course of your life.

But some of it is also about how you view your life in the here and now.

Some stuff about this study seems a little bit woo-woo…

So, before we get into it, I’m telling you that I’m not a big “power of positive thinking” kind of guy.

That being said, this study is really intriguing. And what it uncovered can make a HUGE difference in whether you age well or age poorly.

The two keys to feeling younger

You want to feel younger than your actual age. And you want to live a life that’s far more fulfilling.

How you do this is pretty easy – if you know the formula.

There are two main keys to this:

  • Feeling in control of your life
  • Being physically active

Perceived control

This study looked at subjective age – the age we feel rather than the age we are.

And it found that when people had a perception of control they felt younger.

“The researchers found significant day-to-day variability in subjective age in both groups over the course of the study. They also found a significant association between perceived level of control each day and subjective age in the older adult group.”

What’s particularly interesting here is the word “perceived.”

That means you don’t have to have complete control of your life to feel younger – you just need to feel like you do.

So look for opportunities where you can create choices for yourself…

Opportunities to exercise control over whatever aspects of your life that you can.

It will help you feel younger.

Shaping the daily environment in ways that allow older adults to exercise more control could be a helpful strategy for maintaining a youthful spirit and overall well-being…”

Feeling younger is a big deal…

It’s not just about feeling good about yourself.

It’s about your overall health, your memory, and even how long you live.

“Research suggests that a younger subjective age, or when people feel younger than their chronological age, is associated with a variety of positive outcomes in older individuals, including better memory performance, health, and longevity…”

Physical activity

It’s no secret that moderate exercise is incredibly good for your health.

But that doesn’t mean you have to go to a gym and work out.

Just increasing the amount of physical exercise you get throughout the day can help to lower your subjective age…

And that improves your health.

“Hughes and his colleagues recruited 59 adults in the Boston area between the ages of 35 and 69 who were not engaged in routine physical activity. All participants were given a FitBit fitness tracker and researchers monitored their daily step counts for five weeks. Individuals with greater increases in their step counts at the end of the study reported lower subjective ages, the researchers found.”

Taking control of the aging process…

Because I’m not usually a “power of positive thinking” person, I find this kind of study to be fascinating.

It proves just how powerful our mind is and how what we perceive often creates our reality.

And (thankfully) it turns out that we have a lot of control over our quality of life as we get into our 40s, 50s, or even 80s and 90s.

But we also must choose to exercise that control.

We do that by giving ourselves options where we feel like we have a choice.

We also do it by making sure that we stay physically active as much as possible.

I don’t know about you, but I plan on living a long, full life until the day I drop dead.

And these strategies will help me do that.

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You're only as old as you think and do Increased control, physical activity lower subjective age in older adults, research says

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