please share your situation anonymously

Tell me if you have a “dead bedroom” situation, or you are single and not much/any sex. And does the idea of hours of sexual pleasure every day appeal to you?

I’d love to hear from you. Thank you!




  1. Hi this sounds very interesting I am a newlywed for the second time almost 3 years and I m 59 and my wife is 60 we Love each other very much and love our sex life but I have problems with ejaculation when we are together but if I m by myself with adult material I do much better. And my wife has been having trouble with being in the mood. But some nights we feel very much in the mood. Your program sounds like it could give us a boost

    • congratulations Robert! I think this whole approach is perfect for you. It can wake up a marriage and it puts less/no pressure on your wife, but will probably get her super interested.

  2. 51 y.o recently divorced after years of excellent sex. Now dating a 30 y.o who ive turned on to squirting in a big way but often when it comes to fucking im just not as turned on or hard as i feel i could or should be. Im also spirirual and meditate. Totally ready for the next level. I want this, i know what’s coming. Bring it on!

    • this is timely then Rob. I find the not-being-turned-on can be caused by porn, but I’m sure you probably know that. It takes a considerable amount of time for the brain to rewire to arousal without porn, but it is quite easy to do if you decide to do it.

    • super common even with young men (especially so actually) due to over exposure to porn. Glad you are here!

  3. I have a very satisfying relationship with my partner. However, while in good physical shape, I am over 65 and can only have one sexual experience per day. I am intrigued with how to change this for more and multiple daily satisfaction.

    • that’s how I have felt. And that one experience a day — resulting in ejaculatory orgasm — often leaves us guys drained and hungover for days afterwards.

  4. 25 years of marriage and 3 children i think we past that stage of our lives or its just menopause and stress nothing can help

  5. Hi Matt,

    I am in a new relationship and am using your techniques with great success. Looking forward to seeing how this May add to that wisdom…..

  6. I’m 41 and have been single for all of it. I have recently lost over 100 lbs and feeling sexy at 13% body fat instead of 37%. I did my first pull-up ever last month! I’m gay, but have never really been sexually active, and I’m horny all the time and at times I enjoy masturbation, but it gets old

    • wow, Nathan that is awesome. 100 pounds is a huge amount to lose. Good for you! It’s time we get you out there finding a partner! I wonder what has been standing in your way…It’s wonderful to have a high sex drive though!

  7. I’m 78 – look around 58 – very sexual – growing my penis – toning my body – no meds whatsoever – some prostate issues – going to get rezum treatment for it – quite interested in the program you describe.

    • I’ve found some wonderful fixes for prostate problems Gordon, by the way. I would consider usiing them if it were me, rather than another procedure that could potentially have serious side effects and consequences. Just a thought.

  8. Spouse had major hysterectomy in 2009. That along with a lot of stress in her life. Now she has no libido. Therefore sexual experiences with her are maybe twice a year. Tough on me.

    • I totally get it. It’s why I’ve been experimenting with these practices that can provide huge sexual pleasure even if the spouse isn’t interested or isn’t going to participate. It’s very liberating and takes the pressure off her.

  9. I’m 83. I’m not sure you’ll be able to relate to my situation. 7 years ago my wife of 50 years died from an incurable cancer. Prior to that we had no intercourse for several years. Result to me: ED to this day. 4 years ago, met an amazing lady (now 80). She credits my libido and hands with restoring her desire for intimacy and sex (after 30 plus years of post-divorce, no support, raising a daughter, earning a living and no energy, time or desire for sex). We are both still very athletic and fit. We are intellectually active. And we are sensitive and empathetic people. We plan to live to 100 and beyond.
    One of our objectives is to overcome my ED and another is to achieve heightened sexuality through each and every day for both of us. Perhaps you can contribute.





    • oh man, Jon, I can totally relate. I’m so glad you are here. Heightened sexual pleasure can be increasing every day. It can be absolutely mind blowing with a partner.

  10. HI MATT
    I have been your follower for last 6 months and have purchased all of your protocols. I am 55 years old.

    I am fit, healthy, have a very active life, work long hours without lacking energy but my libido and sexual performance is on a gradual decline. I don’t get full erection like I used to 5 years ago, ejaculate quickly and take much longer to feel sexual erge again after an intercourse with my wife . I hope to get further help from you.
    I take high BP medication

  11. I’ m 74 and up to 3years ago my wife and I enjoyed a full and active sex life. In those jars few years, taking a follow on drug2 for breast cancer which inhibits estrogen production she has started a a vaginal discharge , her vaginal wall has thinned and now sex is painful for her and we are celibate. Your proposal seems heaven sent , we would really like to know more.

  12. I’m 53…super healthy but my arousal levels are sporadic and in decline…not sure what more I can do…very interested in what you have to offer…

  13. I’m 78 and currently have no partner because I’ve lost the ability to obtain an erection. Can’t have a sexual relationship with ‘limpy’ .

  14. Hi I’m in my early 70’s and have had the Odd day when things were a bit ‘wobbly’, but so far so good no non-starters yet. But, the possibility leaves me a bit anxious so would like to recapture those days when I could restart after an orgasm and have another, without drawing breath. I’m convinced that ED is a death knell for men who can’t and don’t intend to have my manhood taken from me.

  15. I’ve just been waiting for the right woman all my wife to become my wife. I would like to be the best for her when I do get her, and pleasure the living daylights out of her! After all, what is marriage supposed to be really? Bills and chores?

  16. I am trying to find a place where women are interested in me at 77. I am a good partner, It’s finding the woman. Most around my ago are NOT interested. so i am trying to find women 45-55 wo are sexually active theat I could practice this new stuff with.

    • The big fear women this age have is getting into a serious relationship and then having to take care of a man healthwise. What can you do to ease that fear? There are tons of available women actually.

  17. My 100th (approximate) relationship ended about a year ago. Where I live (an awesome tropical island in the western Pacific) there are literally thousands of available women. I really like/love being in a relationship, and now I just don’t feel motivated to get out there and find someone. It feels less complicated to just “handle it myself” when I feel sexual. I hope you “stuff” can change that for me.

  18. Yes I just turned 40 I have been going through a lot. My Lil girls mom left me about 5 years ago and bout a year after that I start dating a beautiful women. But I was so self conscious about myself I would have problems sometimes but as the years have past it’s got to the point I can’t stay hard an this is killing my relationship. An depressing me to the point I want to give up. I would greatly appreciate any help.

  19. I have had sexual problems my whole adult life, possibly caused by cycling injury to groin, or depression or guilt.

    Viagara works. But there is very little sensitivity.

    I rarely get morning wood.

    I went on a six month trip to Asia about ten years ago and everything improved greatly. Not sure why.

    • that’s very interesting. Travel creates a lot of new patterns, perhaps it’s those new patterns that resulted in better sex? Something that can be duplicated at home with some new stuff to try out, maybe.

  20. I’m 69 widowed for ten years. I have a good want for sex but have trouble getting and staying hard. I don’t have the confidence to seek out a new girl as I am afraid to get embarrassed by this.

    • it should make you feel better that most women are used to dating men who have erection problems and it’s no big deal. It’s so wonderful having a partner that I hope we can help you get out there and make some lucky woman very happy!

    • yes indeed. A big issue with women is that their libido tends to be very very strong at some points in life where they can leave us men far behind, but in other passages of life their libido becomes quite low. I have found solutions to this and they work for many men for either scenario.

  21. Johnny G here, thanks for the op to share. Married to the man of my dreams now 4 years, together 7. Our once passionate sex life has dwindled to an occasional once or twice a week quickie if we both aren’t wiped out. We both work a lot, especially now, would love to learn how to keep the fire burning. Both of us are not satisfied with the cum-done-asleep scenario. Would love to explore intimacy, pleasure for hours

    • it does seem to become an impasse for many couples, doesn’t it? Very smart for not letting passion just run down…

  22. Dave B. This will take a little more than two sentences. I am 69 y/o and married for 47 years. I am also a combination Parkinsons, Multiple Myeloma (incurable bone/blood cancer) & stroke patient. I have had ED for several years now, but have been working on that for the last several months manually and have been able to achieve and even sustain an erection again, but for over two years have been unable to achieve an orgasm. It is extremely frustrating, humiliating and depressing. Every time I try and fail just imprints more failure. I have already lost a great deal because of disease and am fighting now, just to remain a Man. If you have anything for me that could help, I would be grateful. I am not looking for a miracle, nor do I have enough time left on this earth or patience for a come-on (no pun intended).

  23. Hi Matt! I am a young man of (relatively) young age. I am not married neither am I currently in a sexual relationship. I am currently combating my masturbation addiction. I think your knowledge may not only help me in my fight, it will aid me when I do get married soon. The former of my reasons sounds weird but I have my own logic behind it. I really am desperate to end this horrible reliance on adult material. So please help a man out.
    Am hopeful for your response

    • I think masturbation can be a wonderful tool in the tool chest. It is a good idea to get away from porn. I like to figure out the times I would use porn and decide on substitute behaviors in advance such as going in a walk or getting coffee or reading a book. Then when the urge hits I follow the replacement behavior already decided on. This really is the only way and it works. Good luck.

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