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What I wrote in today’s email — when you think about it, it’s contrary to almost everything we’ve been told.

And yet there is very solid science saying it’s right.

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  1. Yes 100% I’m 65 and feel like I’m in free fall in a downward spiral. I take good supplements, I dont eat dairy,gluten,soy,grains or soft drinks.
    I had a heart attack 13 years ago.I suffer from allergies and asthma and where did this middle bulge come from? I desperately need energy , so much so that my stamina in the bedroom is almost non existent. YES, HELP, ASAP!

  2. I would be very interested in this. I have gone in 18 years from being a star athlete with a little extra fat / weight to an unattractive fat ass. Im tired and cranky all the time and I noticed it has affected my “rockiness”. Not enough where I can’t get it up at all, but definitely a big difference over the past few years.

    • there comes a time when stuff in our past health starts becoming a big deal and catches up with us, doesn’t it seem that way sometimes?

      I am convinced it can be turned around, and rather more easily than we think.

      Thanks Charles

  3. So many things to deal with but this is important. had diabetes for over 10 years but controlled through diet usually after first year, and a minor lapse in between. But latest lapse is hard to pull out of so now on metformin for last few months. Want off it again. But over 60 now and looks as though my resilience is fading. Cant shift that middle body fat bulge.
    definitely interested in what you have found.

    • yes I definitely think it’s best to be off metformin. That stuff increases lactate, which is very inflammatory, among other actions. Thanks Ivor!

    • I’m almost 47 and I have have suffered with prostate problems since 15 year’s of age. I luckily have not suffered with ED yet but I can tell the years of cigarettes are affecting my hard ons because I lose stiffness when I get winded during sex. Soon as I stop and catch my breath and calm my breathing it returns to hard just fine but I definitely want to lean more on the way burning sugars can help me get my Testosterone up and estrogen down.

  4. Yes! I am very interested in this!! My story is like almost all the other guys around my age, 52. Seems everything started to go south sometime in my mid 40’s and has been on a downward spiral since. Can hardly “get it up” anymore, have no energy, very little ambition and the fatigue I constantly have can be ruthless. Not only do I want this, I flat out NEED THIS!

    • the mid 40s is when it tends to start, sometimes earlier. Do you think that lack of energy is also tied into what’s going on in the world today with lockdowns and so forth? I think that makes things worse.

  5. I can still get hard but often not when I want it, even using viagra doesn’t always guarantee an erection. Been on blood pressure tablets for years albeit a low dose and all taking Bezalip mono to lower cholesterol. Also seem tired when I get up in the morning, waking up in the evening

    • In my experience, Viagra becomes counter productive. Even if you get an erection, you don’t feel as much. And the more Viagra a man uses, the less he feels and eventually it quits working and he’s feeling almost nothing.

      I am not sure why men are still taking cholesterol medication. High cholesterol is protective and cholesterol lowering drugs inhibit steroid creation in the testes and the brain.

    • Hell yes I’m interested! I was a “husky” child but was always active. There was a period from my late teens to early thirties when I was fit and lean. Then the pressures and responsibilities of life set in and middle age spread began to set in. Twelve years ago I was involved in a near-fatal car crash and after months of recovery my muscle mass severely diminished. My metabolism just stopped working and I gained a lot of weight. I tried a weight loss program that helped me lose 40 pounds they used a niacin wrap which helped to give me a chronic gout condition. I was given Prednisone which gave me a voracious appetite and I gained back all 40 pounds and 40 more. I have tried almost everything out there to lose weight except hypnosis (which will be next) if I cannot find a method to lose weight and re-gain some muscle. I would be real interested in your controversial new method.

  6. This is definitely a great concept where we can use our own body to heal it self if done properly. Would like to get more info on this

  7. Hello, yes, yes im a 60 yr old male that has gone from having a great body to being a lard ass! High bp and sugar and a not so productive sex life. Please, if this can help, i would love to be one of your subjects. Thank you

  8. My eating habits were like yours. Nothing made me gain weight and I was able to get hard well into my 50’s. Gradually things changed and now at 84 Istill long for sex but can’t seem to get it up especially when I need it. I had surgeries along the way and take several precautions which is part of the problem. I would like to loose weight and have sex again.

    • nothing needs to stop men from having sex. You don’t even need an erection or any libido to have a wonderful sex life.

  9. Yah Matt you need to get this Information out I just started having issues last week in getting it up, so all the info out on this would be helpful. I took your suggestion and am ordering super c vitamin c and vitamin e and the ingredients for paste it on and Thank You.

  10. Hi Matt,
    I am 70 and could not get it up. I do masturbate once a week. I have no sex since 5 gears ago
    I took Viagra few times but hate the stuff.
    I wish you find the solution to burning Sugar again at this age.

  11. I am not a male but I am very much interested in your theory. I am 67 and am having a tough time processing fat at all. So I end up not having a lot of energy and am easily stressed. The sugar in the other hand would be a problem for me as I have Candida so I am curious how the sugar would be consumed….are we talking bowls of ice cream? Anyway I think the theory is very interesting and further research would help shed light on better aging in general.

  12. I think all of the above discribe my situation I am 74 years old and have not hah a meaningful erection in 10 years or more, whats worse is the desire is even gone.

  13. Hi Matt!,
    Yes I am interested in your information!
    I am 57 now and since I was 11 yrs old I trained with weights regularly until I was 44yrs old including vigorous cardio training . I used to compete powerlifting and placed 4th in the state while maintaining a body fat level of 12 percent . I once made love with my girlfriend 9 times in 12 hours but now those days are gone . Everything still works and probably I’m doing better than most guys my age but I have lost 20 lbs of muscle and traded it for 20 lbs of fat and a belly that I never had before. Although bedroom activity is fine I don’t have the same desire,size ,or rockieness as when I was younger! I want my younger self back! So I am very interested if you have a real and natural solution to accomplish that goal!

    • I think the things that we do when we are younger aren’t always ideal, such as body building and powerlifting, but we can do them. When we get a bit older, they catch up with us. I know exercise is supposedly good no matter what, but I haven’t found that to be the case. It can easily be over done and result in long term high estrogen and high stress hormones and eventually this affects our erections and our testosterone levels. Glad you are here, thanks Tony for the note

  14. I am very interested in your research. I am ex athlete in my late fifties and I would like to lose some weight and feel better. I enjoy being active but lately in seems harder to motivated.

  15. Hey, Matt! I began reading your articles a few years ago and I found more truth in any one of them than in hundreds and hundreds of words written by others. You seem to see overall health and sexual health as one and the same goal, and I like that! I am 6 foot 2 inches tall and weigh 173 pounds. I’m 65 years old and I’m doing pretty well “down below”. Still, while I feel like I’m about 50 years old, I’d like to feel more like I’m about 30, and if anybody can coach me on how to do that, it is you. I look forward to anything you write! Bring it on!

  16. Stressful life and carry on all problems you describe .60 years old.
    Im Very interesting in your Solution/investigaron.

  17. hi, ya i think everything has gone to hell in a hand basket for me. june 27 of 97 i was riding my bicycle home and i was assulted by a gang. the first assult as bad enough. the police sent me back to the crime scene and i was assulted a second time with a baseball bat to the crown on my head. eversince im riding less i have non combat ptsd and that just the tip of the iceberg. im cold all the time. i have a small gut but im not really eating much. bed room stuff isnt working and i think it my matabolism has just stopped working. i was riding my bicycle about 20+ miles every day. a couple years ago i attempted to ride from harpers ferry to union station in down town washington dc. the mileage for that is 60 miles. i started my ride at 0400hrs. i expected to be at union station before noon. it took me 13 hrs to do that ride. i has a problem with poop. i stopped once and my stools were the size of your thumb and there were many. i stop a few hours later with same problem. i wasnt ridind near as fast as im able too. i figured if i ride 10 mph i should be in dc in six hours. the doctor thst put a stent in my head in 2005 said that my matabolism was just fine. im still seem to be going down hill faster all the time.

    • it does sound like it could be a thyroid issue resulting in low metabolism and gut problems. I wonder if you’ve asked a good doctor about this.

  18. I am not a male, but would really like to know this new info. It’s very different, & I think it would help vegetarians, because we eat so much in the line of whole grains to get our tummies to feel full. The keto & paleo just doesn’t work for us. I do want to hear your theory!

  19. Hi I am a Korean war vet 84 yrs old. { I would like to be part of your team.} I played sports into my early 80’s but since I lost my playing partner and quit I am not active any more can you help me. Thanks.
    J R

  20. Most of us guys in our 60’s have metabolism issues, thyroid, energy issues. It is difficult to get up in the morning, aching muscles, get exhausted easily, low testosterone, low cholesterol weight issues. Would like to find something that works so men in our age can enjoy life like we did in our earlier years and not just put up with it and struggle by.

  21. I’m in my late 50’s, and in all the predicaments
    you’ve described. I really need to lose this belly. seems like metabolism
    is a key indicator of many other issues. very interested.

  22. I am 75 until a couple of years ago sex was achievable but now, nothing. this is a very important part of my mental wellbeing and I need help all the so-called pharmaceutical help have not worked

  23. I try to lead a healthy life. I don’t deserve all this grief with belly fat, low energy levels, and high inflammation. Please help us, Matt.

  24. I’m definitely interested in your findings. I’m 45 and still in decent shape, but it’s getting harder to maintain. I still get morning wood, but not everyday, and not as strong as it once was. Want to get a handle on this before it’s a real issue.

  25. hi matt paul nere im almost 87 i take no pills yes l want enegery a little tip diet sodas are realy bad for you. they trick your body into thinking you got a shot of sugar. you did you want somthing sweet thats not good…

    • yes diet sodas are not good at all. Good soft drinks include Pepsi and Coke. I love Mexican Cokes made with real sugar and without additional citric acid.

      Of course the mainstay of what I drink is good quality orange juice and some grape juice for the high quality sugar content, the potassium, flavenoids and naringin and naringenin.

  26. Matt, I am 66, and would be interested in the new program. I don’t know if you’re familiar with “adrenal burnout”. It has ruined my life, starting 30 years ago. If you could find the solution to it, you would end up being the $richest$ man in the world. I used to get up before work, (and I’m NOT a “morning person”), and run 2 miles. I was in excellent shape. Then out of nowhere, it happened. It felt like climbing a mountain, just to get out of bed. Then I would come home from work, and sleep for about 2 hours every day. I gained some ground over the years, but, eventually became a diabetic with congestive heart failure, and, of course, HBP. Anyway I strongly advocate your ideas a about defective metabolism causing most health problems. One question I am curious about, and have been waiting to see you comment on it, but, haven’t yet….the question is, can emotional traumas cause illnesses? If true, can supplements reverse a trauma induced illness? Thanks….

    • I think the adrenals take over when we have low thyroid. Thyroid issues are very poorly diagnosed and treated. Probably 40% of men have thyroid problems but medicine diagnoses from a TSH test which often misleads them into saying your thyroid is fine, and even if they prescribe, they don’t follow an effective protocol. It’s shocking really. But when you get thyroid working well again, the adrenals aren’t having to carry the load of maintaining metabolism and there is a lot of healing that takes place.

  27. I would be interested in the new programme. I am 79 and only recently the little fellow has let me down. I observed healthy eating, sleeping and exercise habits. desspite of all that it now seems I have come to the end of my pleasurable moments.

  28. Hi
    I guess our ancestor cavemen didn’t eat too much sugar, but they apparently stayed slim and fit. Can you explain please.

  29. 70 y/o male, been type II diabetic for over a decade, been impotent with severe E.D. for at least 10 years, feel less of a man because of this and have no social life with women even though single. Very Obese and seems that it takes forever just to lose 10 pounds. It makes for heavy depression and on several prescription drugs including anti-depressants and blood-sugar reducer (glypizide). Low energy and high lethargy and still craving sugar.

  30. I would be interested as well. I’m about to turn 60 and after three knee surgeries and a shoulder repair I then had a TIA just after the shoulder surgery. Then I began that slow edge from 190 to a high of 218. The doctors just want to just push pills, even pills to be able to take the first pills. However, this pandemic pause gave me the opportunity to reset and I’ve been taking supplements plus working out twice daily. I’m down over twenty pounds and feeling way, way better. I’m interested in finding natural ways to improve my health.

  31. I am a cancer survivor age 56. I caught it early and went through a course of chemo been cancer-free for 5 years. But since then my sex drive has dipped significantly, loss of sensation, losing erection during sex. Its been frustrating and demoralizing. My lack of sustained energy is my main problem I think, I did start losing stamina and recovery from exertion at around 50.

    • treatment for what type of cancer?

      I’ve found people often lose erections and libido after cancer treatment. Doctors don’t really warn men about this.

  32. Hey Matt,
    Just started the Fat Depletion Protocol. Going well so far. Looking forward to whatever you come up with next. I’m 60 and a little bit overweight, but I think i’m in pretty good shape for not having gone to the gym in two months. Noticed I have more energy during the day with that protocol.

    • good for you, taking responsibility! Just don’t worry about quick weight loss. It will come when you get PUFAs depleted. Fast weight loss is always a bad idea.

  33. I am 55 and feel tired most of the time. When I was younger, i was slim, then around 40, I became heavier, 5’9″ around 185 Lbs. Recently, i gave up all candy, soda, and most snack food. I am down to 150 Lbs, but this is not sustainable. I am very interested in a sustainable diet where I do not feel hungry and tired, and can stay at the weight I am now, Thanks,

  34. Would like to shed 40 LBS, Like you said eat more or less does not make much difference.
    I am in my 90th year. All the above.

  35. Hey Matt, I am almost 75 years old and have had ED for some time now. I have tried all of the pills and pumps and about everything else to no avail. My wife and I live on a working ranch and I can’t do the things that I did 20 years ago because the body isn’t what it used to be but I can still work circles around some of my friends that are 20 years younger than me.

    • I think for many men the fixes are largely for desensitization and oxytocin-building and don’t require any supplements or pills.

  36. Matt I’m in, looking forward to what you having coming. Working some of your programs now need that extra kick Things getting better down there, ready to keep it going and get that energy back.

    Thanks for all you do

  37. Matt I’m in, looking forward to what you having coming. Working some of your programs now need that extra kick Things getting better down there, ready to keep it going and get that energy back.

    Thanks for all you do exposing Big Pharma for who they are.

  38. I’m 74 have had multiple surgeries I have 4 rods & 8 screws in my lower back, have had both caratoid
    arteries cleaned out have had 5 stomach surgeries and I’m over weight.I also have Parkinson’s disease caused by exposure to agent orange while serving in the Marine Corps in Vietnam. had shoulder surgery because of a motor cycle wreck. so yes I would like to know about this. I also had a stroke on the left side due to a blood clot on the right side of the brain due to one of my many surgeries.

  39. I’ve had ED, Diabetes, Heart Problems, Back problems and Neuropathy in my legs for some time now. I’d love to be able to hike, swim and do most of the things I used to do instead I feel feeble.

  40. Dealing with leg ulcers, diabetes, overweight. no energy. does lower blood sugar increase stamina/ I start sweating with my blood sugar in the low 60’s but hitting BG of 60 I sweat profusely. Is this when my metabolism is at it’s highest making my body sweat?

    • low 60s blood sugar is very low, far too low. It’s actually low metabolism and large amounts of stress hormones that cause sweating like this — cortisol, estrogen, serotonin…

  41. So much misinformation out there it’s hard to know what to do. All I know is I’ve worked out since my early 20s and slowly over the years from stoping and starting again each time I added a little more weight on . Now I’m 66 and the bulge around my gut and thighs and but isn’t funny , but I’m over weight and it makes you tired dragging all that extra weight around.So if you have found a solution then I’m all for it.Im on meds like most my age I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in 2006 almost died but because I worked in construction all my life the doctor said it saved I would like to get my weight down thanks Joseph jackson

    • I like to think that the congestive heart failure and overweight all come from the same causes that can be solved with nutrition and a few supplements, so your doctor can take you off the medications.

  42. Yes I am very interested. I’m 59 and have noticed quite a drop in energy levels and also have erections problems even though I take quality herbs and supplements.

  43. well, I didn’t start to have erections probls ujntil 1997 along with prostate issues. “Morning wood” yeah right, i don’t think I’ve had that since 1969. afternoon, maybe, evening likely. Belly fat is my main concern now + size. T levels are low I guess, but ththyroid is low to so they may be related.. I don’t know if I have ED no partner for 15 years

  44. I’m probably a typically healthy 65 year old man, so if you’ve got any possible solutions to any of the common problems you refer to, I would be very interested in hearing about them! Thanks!

  45. .Very much interested here. I’m 63, been in hospital, rehab, care facility all but 6 days in last 11 months. Had problems with neuropathy, balance, and other things which are slowly getting better. Lost over 60 lbs, since September, altho still weigh 285. Had 14 surgeries for various reasons in last 15 years. Morning wood is a rarity now, and only manage to masturbate maybe once a month. Anything you have to tell me about the effects of stress, depression, loneliness and isolation to a degree would be appreciated as well.

  46. I am very interested!! I am 48 and active duty Army. As such we are expected to maintain top physical condition. The Army’s physical fitness test always has us run two miles. In my 30s that was no problem. Now? I barely have enough energy to make it through my day much less workout and run. I take naps in my truck on my lunch break. My Testosterone is at 310. Not low enough for the Army to care but too low for me. I am constantly fatigued, yet I don’t sleep well at night. Focus and concentration are all but gone. I feel like a walking dead man. Zest for life? What’s that?!?!

  47. Please Please PLEASE!!! I am very interested in knowing more and try something that WILL WORK!!! I have tried Almost EVERYTHING to lose my big belly bulge, and to get an erection, much more maintain one. I’m plagued by insomnia, prediabetes and a COMPLETE LACK OF ENERGY, and drive. I NEED HELP NOW! PLEASE!!!

  48. Was diagnosed with high cholesterol and high estrogen levels. A friend told me that I might be using too many things. I need something that WORKS!!! A solution that would benefit my body. Too many FAKE things on the market claiming to work but does NOTHING!!

  49. Matt, I am about 50# over weight and it don’t want to budge. I gained most in the nursing home after my stroke 2 years ago. I must stand in front of a mirror to get a quick peek of myself and don’t like what I see. I taking many supplements and trying to eat healthy. I cant seem to shake the pounds. Please help.

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