“Penetration was easy and doing it was amazing” say these men

“Penetration was easy and doing it was amazing” say these men

Here is what men are using to have very frequent sex for a long time…even men who were having trouble getting erections at all…

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“Penetration was easy and doing it was amazing” say these men

One of the things I’m the proudest of is how my programs help men with erection problems and other sexual dysfunction issues have amazing sex again…

No matter where they start from or how difficult their problems seem.

Men who are successful at this (and there are a lot of guys who experience amazing transformations) often seem to have a simple trait in common…

When they make a mistake or “fall off the bandwagon,” they are kind to themselves.

At first glance, this might seem like a weakness…

But I guarantee… That it is a HUGE strength.

In my experience, men who are kind to themselves have more resiliency than men who are super-self-critical.

That resiliency – the ability to get back up after a setback – can help guys achieve huge gains over time…

Not just in their sex lives, but in every area of life: career, relationships, and health.

And new studies are showing that what researchers term as “self-compassion” has measurable, physical results as well.

“Taking time to think kind thoughts about yourself and loved ones has psychological and physical benefits, new research suggests.”

Soothing Your Heart and Feeling Connected: A New Experimental Paradigm to Study the Benefits of Self-Compassion

The ancient idea of self-compassion…

People have been practicing loving-kindness meditation (metta bhavana) for thousands of years, although in the West we’ve only caught on recently.

In this study, the researchers used a type of loving-kindness meditation to see what the physical effects of self-compassion were on the body.

“The recordings that encouraged self-compassion were a ‘compassionate body scan’ in which people were guided to attend to bodily sensations with an attitude of interest and calmness; and a ‘self-focused loving kindness exercise’ in which they directed kindness and soothing thoughts to a loved one and themselves.”

These soothing thoughts had a remarkable physiological effect on the body.

In Western medicine, we often treat the mind and the body as two separate things…

But, in reality, our mind and body are one.

They influence each other and create feedback loops that can either harm or help us.

Lower the risk of disease by switching off your threat response…

One reason why being kind to yourself seems to work is that it turns off your body’s threat response…

Allowing your systems – including your immune system – to take a breather and relax.

“…taking part in self-compassion exercises calms the heart rate, switching off the body’s threat response. Previous studies have shown that this threat response damages the immune system. Researchers believe the ability to switch off this response may lower the risk of disease.”

When we are in threat response, our body produces all kinds of hormones that cause inflammation… And inflammation causes disease.

Turning off that threat response at will by directing your mind to self-compassion makes that hormone production start to fade away.

And that leads to real and measurable physical changes in the body.

Physical markers of a healthier body…

This type of loving-kindness meditation also allowed people’s heart rates to slow down or increase depending on the circumstances…

And that’s a sign of a healthy heart.

“The signs of this were reduced sweat response and heart rate slowed by two to three beats per minute on average, compared to the groups listening to critical voice recordings. The self-kindness groups also showed increased heart rate variability – a sign of a healthy heart that is able to adapt to a range of situations.”

So… If you’re facing a stressful situation or a situation where you’re trying to create behavioral change, then it’s a good idea to be decent to yourself and not beat yourself up.

Your body will thank you!

Learning loving-kindness meditation techniques is easy…

Just search YouTube for loving-kindness meditation.

Or you can learn root focus in my courses on getting hard and staying hard, and it will teach you the same thing.

To your health!

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