How inflammation causes penile fibrosis

How inflammation causes penile fibrosis

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It’s quite common today for us to hear that we have “inflammation” in our bodies.

If a man has high blood pressure, prostate inflammation, heart issues, or ED, chances are very good that he is suffering from internal inflammation.

Now there is further evidence that internal inflammation also can lead to cancer.

So in this newsletter, I want to explore what internal inflammation really means.

I’ll also tell you how to avoid inflammation in the body or fix it if you already have it.

In a researcher’s words, inflammation is the same as “stress” in the body.

It is not stress like your boss firing you or getting a divorce. Here, stress is what happens in the cells in the body as we age.

Stress is not avoidable. All life and all cells undergo stress.

But if it’s extreme stress, then that leads to a chronic reaction to the stress — which we call inflammation.

You may not feel the inflammation at all.

And then you receive a diagnosis of cancer, you get ED, or you have high blood pressure.

This is your body responding to the inflammation as best it can,  But doesn’t mean you feel anything or feel “off” in any way.

Cellular Stress in the Context of an Inflammatory Environment Supports TGF-β-Independent T Helper-17 Differentiation

Now, stress has two bad effects in the study.

The first effect is increasing what is called TGF-beta.  TGF-beta is responsible for cells multiplying more or less out of control.
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TGF-beta is necessary for the development of organs and limbs and fingers.  But when you have too much TGF-beta, your cells multiply too fast and out of control.

This is what happens when cells become cancerous.

In this review, they examined the role of TGF-beta and cancer.

TGF-beta in Cancer

TGF-beta modulates processes such as cell invasion, immune regulation, and microenvironment modification that cancer cells may exploit to their advantage.

So TGF-beta is necessary — but out-of-control it can cause cancer.

And everything in between inflammation and cancer.

Plus, TGF-beta can react to high estrogen levels.

Topical Application of 17β-Estradiol Increases Extracellular Matrix Protein Synthesis by Stimulating TGF-β Signaling in Aged Human Skin In Vivo

In this experiment, they put estrogen on the skin.

And they saw how TGF-beta accelerates the development of collagen in the skin.

Now if you think about it — if a man’s penis has chronically high TGF-beta levels and high estrogen.

So, you can see how penile fibrosis progresses. Collagen build up in the penile tissues is exactly what happened in that study with skin.

Collagen builds up everywhere with high inflammation and high TGF-beta levels.

High estrogen = high TGF-beta = penile fibrosis

The solution is not just to listen to doctors who want to give us pills to the treat symptoms.

It’s possible to counter these stress effects on the body.

The real solution is a combination of diet and nutrition, supplements, red light therapy, and moderate activity.

This combination can lower inflammation, lower TGF-beta, and stop the fibrosis from progressing.

It can also lower your blood pressure and your prostate inflammation.

And it can let you get off of any medications you’re on.



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