Oxytocin is the true “rockiness” chemical – here’s how to use it

Oxytocin is the true “rockiness” chemical -- here’s how to use it

Not only does oxytocin improve “rockiness,” it also makes men immune to many diseases… 

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Oxytocin is the true erection chemical – and here’s how to use it

When guys follow my courses, they often report to me that their addictive behaviors almost vanish. 

Their cravings for things like alcohol, gambling, or drugs just start to go away.

Look. I’m not a psychologist or a counselor and I’m not making any grand claims that if you follow my programs you’ll end addictions… 

I’m just telling you what the men in my programs often tell me.

The main goal is great sex, but this is a welcome side effect…

But it’s a strange one. 

And I wasn’t sure why it was happening until I ran across this study.

It turns out that oxytocin can DISRUPT addictive behavior – and oxytocin is the exact hormone that my courses on sex build up in your brain naturally.

By the way… Oxytocin is also GREAT for erections. 

And lots of guys find that when they do oxytocin building practices, “rockiness” ALSO gets way better.

I’ll give you a couple of short tips on building oxytocin in a bit… 

But for now, let’s take a look at how it helps with addiction.

Oxytocin blocks enhanced motivation for alcohol in alcohol dependence and blocks alcohol effects on GABAergic transmission in the central amygdala

You probably know that some people are more prone to addiction than others. 

It’s not a judgment… It’s just part of being human.

It also seems to be physiological as much as behavioral. 

But once you’re addicted, it can be tough to break the addiction.

Oxytocin is a hormone that makes you feel satisfied. 

However, scientists are finding that it also can decrease not only addictive cravings but withdrawal symptoms too.

Administering oxytocin can decrease consumption, withdrawal symptoms, and drug-seeking behavior associated with several drugs of abuse, and shows promise as a pharmacological approach to treat drug addiction.”

This is HUGE news – because it’s using a natural process of the body to beat drug cravings. 

And it is so much better tolerated than going “cold turkey” or some of the other methods that are out there.

In this study on rats, the researchers were trying to figure out WHY this works.

“The experiments demonstrated that oxytocin administered systemically, intranasally, or into the brain blocked excess drinking in alcohol-dependent but not in normal rats.”

In the rats with alcohol dependency, they found that their oxytocin system was messed up… It just didn’t seem to work right. 

But they don’t know if this is the result of the addiction or the cause of it.

“These results provide evidence that aberrations in the oxytocin system may underlie alcohol use disorder and that targeting this system, possibly by intranasal administration, could prove a promising therapy in people who misuse alcohol.”

They think the reason oxytocin works to help reduce addictive behaviors is because of this malfunction in the oxytocin system.

And this is a remarkable breakthrough. 

You can take oxytocin as a supplement, but you can also build it naturally. 

How to build oxytocin naturally

As I mentioned earlier, shoring up your oxytocin isn’t just good for you if you want to curb addictive behavior… 

It also really helps make your erections firmer and stronger…

AND it helps you feel better about life in general.

One of the best ways to build oxytocin is to spend time in physical contact with your partner. 

Holding hands, cuddling while watching TV, and sex – these all count. 

If your partner isn’t into physical touch, then start small and see if they become more receptive.

If you don’t have a partner, I highly recommend ballroom dance classes because you can be in contact with many different partners in a socially acceptable context. 

The group lessons are fantastic for this because you switch partners as you learn the steps.

Another great way to build oxytocin is to get out in nature. 

Taking a walk in the woods or on the beach is always a good bet. I personally love doing both.

Building oxytocin is a great idea because it will make you feel good about your life…

It will improve your sex life…

And if you have an addictive behavior you’re trying to quit, it might very well help with that as well.

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This is the easiest way for men to naturally build more oxytocin… 

I’ve discovered how to flip the magic oxytocin switch in the body, so you start producing more and more on your own… 

And the more oxytocin you have, the better your erections will be… 

You’ll start experiencing fuller and longer-lasting erections right away – as oxytocin floods your brain.

Here’s how to naturally build more oxytocin without having to lift a finger – and it’s FREE.







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