New breakthrough: Even long-time couples canoodle 3x more

New Breakthrough: Even Long-Time Couples Canoodle 3x More

You’ll love today’s hack because it will get you two having sex like you did when you were first married…

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This strange trigger makes her want you

It’s so weird how this works…

Enhancement of Experienced Sexual Arousal in response to Erotic Stimuli Through Misattribution of Unrelated Residual Excitation

Even if you’re married…

…your wife will be urging you to the bedroom now…

And if you’re single, suddenly a cute younger girl is all over you, wanting you to take her to bed for sex…

I know it sounds crazy. But it’s backed by science.

And all you are doing is using this one strange trigger…

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New breakthrough: Even long-time couples canoodle 3x more

Some couples find they argue, and fight, and then become aroused.

Is this common? And is there a way to increase interest in each other and still have a peaceful relationship?

Can you and your partner stay madly into each other, without the fighting that everyone seems to think is part of life as a couple?

So let’s begin…

If you’ve been with your partner for more than a couple of years…

And those “honeymoon” hormones are wearing off… Maybe you are a little bored… And your partner is starting to just get on your nerves…

I’m here to tell you that you can fix it all.

And there are no counselors and no navel-gazing involved. I promise.

Here’s my reality….

Jodi and I almost never bicker or argue about anything.

We’ve been married close to 35 years now and my feelings of love and affection for her get deeper every single year.

And a lot of it is because of this hack that we’ve discovered.

That’s because Jodi and I run an “alternative” biological program.

One that’s hard-wired into our brains – and most people don’t know about it.

When you run this biological program, you end up feeling a deep connection with your partner – automatically.

The bickering and fighting go away with ease – almost like they never existed in the first place.

And you get back to the “better than the honeymoon stage” feelings.

I know… It sounds crazy.

But I promise you it is the 100% truth.

And I’m going to tell you more about how this works…and how to get WAY better results in your relationship.

But first, let’s start with where this programming comes from.

stroking modulates noxious-evoked brain activity in human infants

Believe it or not, even babies are programmed with the basics of this wiring.

Gentle touch can soothe babies, make them cry less, and help them to feel less pain.

This, of course, has nothing to do with romantic love – it’s all about nurturing and connecting between child and parent.

“Researchers found that gently stroking a baby seems to reduce activity in the infant brain associated with painful experiences.”

Most parents do this by instinct to calm and soothe their children.

You’ve probably seen people stroke their baby’s cheek or pat their back to calm them.

According to the senior author on this study, Rebeccah Slater, professor of pediatric science at the University of Oxford, who worked alongside collaborators from Liverpool John Moores University:

“Parents intuitively stroke their babies at this optimal velocity…”

The researchers divided the babies into two groups in preparation for the normal round of shots that babies get.

They treated one group of babies as per usual.

And they gently stroked the skin of the babies in the other group with a soft brush.

“A scientist on Slater’s team stroked their skin gently with a soft brush right before the blood test.”

This was the lightest of touches…

And babies that had their skin stroked felt less pain than babies that were treated normally.

“…babies who received light stroking touch showed lower pain-related EEG activity.”

What’s fascinating is that adults have this capacity as well…

We have the capacity to have the EXPERIENCE of pain reduced through gentle, light touch.

“The optimal pain-reducing stroking speed of approximately 3 cm per second is the same frequency that activates a class of sensory neurons in the skin called C-tactile afferents, which have been previously been shown to reduce pain in adults.” 

But now we know that we are born with this capacity for touch to ALTER OUR BRAIN CHEMISTRY.

This is one of the reasons that massage can be so effective for relieving pain.

And touch doesn’t JUST work for pain in infants and adults…

Touch also works to promote closeness in adult romantic relationships.

That’s why people in newly forming adult romantic relationships hold hands and sit close to each other.

The touch activates bonding hormones that make you feel close because of biological programming…

Jodi and I use this biological hack in our relationship to eliminate almost every relationship problem we have – like magic.

And you can use it too. You just need to know a few simple steps…


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