Men: don’t wrap food in plastic – it’s hurting you “down there”

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You may want to stick to glass instead of plastic after reading this…

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Men: Don’t Wrap Food in Plastic – It’s Hurting Your Erections

Over the last century, plastics have become ever-present in our daily life.

But sadly, researchers have only become aware of the detrimental effects caused by plastics in the last few decades…

Compounds, such as BPA, leech from plastics and end up in people’s bodies.

BPA is estrogenic. It causes inflammation. And it causes feminization of men.

UGH. But true. 🙁

To make matters worse, BPA is also an androgen antagonist…

Yup, that means it acts directly against healthy male hormones.

Numerous studies have shown that BPA can lower fertility, lower thyroid hormones, and increase cancer rates.

What’s more, for most people, BPA is unavoidable.

For example, it is present in a huge amount of food packaging…

Just think about stuff you have in cans that you might be putting in your stir fry…

But scientists have discovered a couple of supplements that can prevent some of the damaging effects of BPA.

These scientists published their animal studies in the Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

BPA is everywhere – and it has huge effects on hormone levels (the endocrine system).

“BPA is an endocrine-disrupting chemical widely used across the world.”

One of the telltale signs of BPA is oxidative damage.

This happens when excess free electrons damage cells, DNA, and organs…

Organs such as the testicles. Ugh.

In this study, the researchers looked at oxidative damage from BPA in the testicles of rats.

“The present study was aimed to investigate the adverse effects of BPA and its protection by taurine and curcumin.”

They gave some rats supplements that decrease oxidative damage: taurine and curcumin.

“Taurine is an organic compound found in living organisms.”

Crabs and sea scallops are good sources of taurine.

“Curcumin is the yellow bioactive compound in turmeric, known for its antioxidant activities.”

Then they gave the animals BPA (the plastic chemical) for a period of four weeks.

So, they got it by mouth – the same way people are exposed to it.

“Oral BPA, curcumin, and taurine were administered in adult male rats for four weeks.”

The researchers looked for changes in oxidative stress – markers of oxidative damage caused by BPA.

BPA clearly increased markers of oxidative stress in the testicles of the animals.

“BPA increased markers of oxidative stress levels and decreased antioxidant enzyme activities in testes of rats.”

Post-mortem examination of the testicles confirmed that they were damaged by oxidative stress from BPA.

“Pathological findings were observed in testes tissues in BPA treated animals.”

But the supplements were effective.

Either supplemental taurine or curcumin significantly reduced oxidative stress caused by BPA.

“Co-treatment with curcumin or taurine led to reduced oxidative stress and increased antioxidants.”

Both supplements seem to help the animals regulate their levels of oxidative stress, protecting their testicles from damage.

Examination of testicles showed that the animals given supplements were offered some significant protection by those supplements.

“Less histopathological findings were shown in BPA plus curcumin and/or taurine treated groups.”

Both of these antioxidant supplements can protect the testicles from damage caused by BPA exposure.

“Consequently, curcumin and taurine significantly protect BPA-induced testicular damage in rats.”

In the last 10 years, the public has become more aware of the dangers caused by BPA.

Plastics manufacturing companies have created new, high-profile, BPA replacements.

BPA-free plastics are now big business. BAH!

Unfortunately, most of these BPA replacements were not properly tested before they were brought to market.

Aftermarket testing has shown that BPA replacements are usually as bad as BPA…

And some are significantly worse…

Your takeaway:

  • Where possible, the best bet is to avoid plastics altogether – particularly where food is concerned
  • Liquids, and particularly fats, tend to absorb BPA when they are stored in plastic containers (water, margarine, even if your holy butter is in a plastic container…)
  • Use glass or other non-plastic materials wherever possible
  • Especially if you are nuking stuff – NO PLASTIC
  • After limiting plastic exposure, antioxidant supplements such as curcumin or taurine can help minimize the damage caused by BPA exposure
  • Eat crabs and sea scallops for taurine 🙂

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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