Link between being tired and erectile dysfunction

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This is why when you lose the fatigue, you regain your sexual stamina…

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How to fight fatigue while boosting sexual stamina?

Men suffering from being tired all the time often have sexual problems too.

But they can’t simply force themselves to get an erection or make it last longer.

And here’s the problem:

Inflammatory cytokines build up in the body when you are tired.

These inflammatory cytokines make a man’s penis lifeless.

And to get energetic and revved up, you need to reduce inflammatory cytokines…at the same time increasing male androgens such as DHT and testosterone.

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Link between being tired and erectile dysfunction…

“It will all look better in the morning…”

When I’m upset and can’t get my mind to settle down, this is something that my wife, Jodi, tells me.

And she’s right. It usually DOES look better in the morning.

Jodi is a very smart woman.

This little piece of advice isn’t just folklore.

It turns out there’s a scientific reason for this mental turnaround after a good night’s sleep.

It has to do with how your brain reacts to good-quality REM sleep at night.

During scary or unpleasant situations, our brain activates our limbic system.

When you’re dealing with difficult situations in life, your body puts you on a high-alert system…whether you want it to or not.

This is supposed to happen.

And I’m sure it kept our ancestors out of heaps of trouble as they were facing off against serious predators.

“Something frightening or unpleasant does not go unnoticed. In our brain, the so-called limbic circuit of cells and connections immediately becomes active. First and foremost, such experiences activate the amygdala. This nucleus of brain cells located deep in the brain can be regarded as the siren of the brain: attention!”

But in today’s world, it’s not saber-toothed tigers that are making us nervous…and making our bodies go into high-alert mode.

Very often, we go into this mode because of concerns about future events that we can’t do much about (for example).

Thankfully, getting a good night’s sleep can help a great deal.

What is REM sleep?

REM sleep is a kind of reset button for your body and brain.

During REM sleep, your body goes into repair mode and fixes much of the damage caused by everyday living.

REM stands for rapid eye movement.

This kind of sleep occurs when your eyes are moving rapidly during dream states.

“REM is a recurrent period of sleep, typically totaling about two hours a night, during which most dreaming occurs as the eyes move under closed lids and the skeletal muscles are deeply relaxed.”

Why is REM sleep so important?

REM allows your limbic system to “switch off.”

In this study, researchers intentionally agitated patients in order to get their limbic systems activated.

Then they measured what happened after REM sleep.

“In order for the brain to function properly, the siren must also be switched off again. For this, a restful REM sleep, the part of the sleep with the most vivid dreams, turns out to be essential.”

After getting REM sleep, volunteers in this study couldn’t be easily agitated…showing that their overall physical stress response was LOWER.

“The next morning, the researchers tried to upset their volunteers again, in exactly the same way as the night before. But now they did not succeed so well in doing this. Brain circuits had adapted overnight; the siren of the brain no longer went off. The amygdala responded much less, especially in those who had had a lot of restful REM sleep.”

How does this relate to internal inflammation?

This physical reaction to REM sleep is so important because it calms down mechanisms that can dump stress hormones into your body.

And these stress hormones cause long-term internal inflammation.

This kind of chronic inflammation is the main precursor to many diseases including Alzheimer’s and diabetes…

So you want to limit it as much as possible.

How to get better sleep…

If you aren’t getting good sleep now, it’s time to clean up your sleep routine.

Some people do have chronic insomnia that is difficult to deal with.

But for most people (even with those with chronic insomnia), a few steps can make a HUGE, HUGE difference in sleep quality.

I recommend that you start with two things.

First – Get a pair of blue blocker glasses and wear them when you are on electronic devices (including your phone).

Artificial blue light can cause sleep problems.

Second – Mix two tablespoons of Great Lakes Collagen into orange juice before you go to bed and drink that.

I’ve seen amazing results from this.

The bottom line is that sleep is your natural defense against the stress of normal life…

And protecting and promoting good sleep is critical to great health.

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