Hidden way to know you should fire your doctor

Hidden way to know you should fire your doctor

If my doctor told me this, I would find a new doctor!

—-Important Message for Men Who Want to Raise Their Testosterone Naturally—-

“You didn’t do ANYTHING I said to do… and yet your testosterone is STILL higher than mine…”

That’s what my doctor told me when I came in for my lab results… 

Let’s face it – he was in shock… He couldn’t believe how high my testosterone was… 

Daily Medical Discoveries Image - Testosterone Levels

And I broke all the rules.

I defied my doctor and conducted my very own “dangerous” experiment, as he likes to call it… 

And still my testosterone is higher than that of a 20 year old.

No injections, no procedures, no medications of any kind.

Discover what I did to naturally raise my testosterone (against my doctor’s orders) in this private video.  


Hidden way to know you should fire doctor

It’s not unusual for men who take my courses to contact me and tell me some variation of “Matt, I just don’t feel like myself anymore.”

A lot of times they chalk it up to “getting older” – but I’m here to tell you that “getting older” doesn’t mean you have to feel like crap. 

It also doesn’t mean you have to give up great sex or the kind of masculine drive that makes you successful.

I know. I’m living proof… 

I’m in my 50s and my wife and I still have sex four times a week – usually for 30 minutes to an hour at a time (for real and it’s awesome). 

And I feel better than I did for most of my life.

This thing about feeling worse as you get older – sometimes it’s not even about getting older. 

Sometimes, it’s about the kinds of medications you’re taking… 

Medications that can totally screw up the way your body produces testosterone.

And if your testosterone level drops, you are very likely to FEEL old…

Because having testosterone levels that are too low can make you feel tired and yucky.

Now… Before I get into this, it’s VERY important that I tell you I’m not a doctor and I am in no way qualified to give you medical advice.

Never go off prescription meds without talking to your doctor first!

Okay, that’s out of the way. So let’s get into the research. 

Statin drugs markedly inhibit testosterone production by rat Leydig cells in vitro: implications for men

This study was done on rats – but it has serious implications for humans.

In this experiment, researchers wanted to know if the common statin drugs for high cholesterol – Lipitor (atorvastatin), mevastatin, and Zocor (simvastatin) – inhibit testosterone production. 

They exposed the drugs to specific cells in the rats.

“We measured…testosterone production in vitro, using highly purified rat Leydig cells exposed to atorvastatin, mevastatin, or simvastatin – and also determined if statin-induced inhibition of testosterone production could be bypassed with substrate distal to cholesterol.”

The results for any man taking statins are alarming… 

Especially since the evidence that these drugs do ANYTHING to increase lifespan and that they do anything to decrease all-cause mortality is very slim.

But that’s a whole different subject.

Statins caused real problems with testosterone production.

When they exposed the cells to the statin drugs, the statins suppressed testosterone production DRAMATICALLY – up to 40%. 

That’s a whole lot of testosterone suppression.

“Statins cause significant reductions in LH-stimulated testosterone production by rat Leydig cells…”

The researchers believe that this probably is happening in humans as well – because rat cells often react in a very similar manner to human cells.

“[There is] possible human relevance.”

Once again, I’m not advocating that if you’re on statins you go off them willy-nilly. Never do that without talking to your doctor first.

But do understand that these cholesterol-lowering statins may be affecting many things in your life besides cholesterol…

Because they have a potential effect on testosterone production – including your sex drive and your muscle mass.

It does seem, though, that some things may help to counter this effect…

Even if you continue to take the statins. 

Pregnenolone and progesterone may help.

Remarkably, this suppression effect was bypassed when pregnenolone and progesterone were present.

Statin-induced inhibition in testosterone production was bypassed by providing pregnenolone or progesterone.”

Pregnenolone is a master hormone that changes to testosterone when it hits your body. 

And all men need and produce progesterone…

Even though it’s commonly considered a woman’s hormone, guys need progesterone too. 

In this study, adding these two hormones negated the testosterone suppression effects of the cholesterol meds.

Don’t believe the hype that these lifelong meds – such as statins – are completely safe.

They aren’t. Sometimes they have terrible side effects like lowering your testosterone production.

You and your doctor will have to decide if the risk-benefit is right for you.

—-Important Message for Men Taking Statins—-

A sneaky way to raise your testosterone if you’ve been taking statins

Chances are you’ve been put on a statin for high cholesterol – or your doctor has recommended one to you… 

But here’s where so many doctors go wrong… Because statins are TERRIBLE for men.

Just like in rats, these drugs interfere with the Leydig cells in a man’s testicles.

And these Leydig cells NEED cholesterol in order to turn it into testosterone.

It’s a little natural factory process that goes on in a man’s body – cholesterol goes in and testosterone comes out.

But statins interfere with this important process and make men’s natural testosterone levels plummet.

And this makes it really difficult for men to perform sexually.

That’s why so many men love Factor C2T – it naturally lowers bad cholesterol by turning it into valuable testosterone.

And it’s a whole lot safer for men than statins. Try Factor C2T right now for free.






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