Here’s why I never brush with fluoride toothpaste

Here’s why I never brush with fluoride toothpaste

Don’t use fluoride toothpaste (hint: it’s not just the fluoride…) 

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Here’s why I never brush with fluoride toothpaste

It’s probably no surprise to you, but sometimes the government makes mistakes… 

And this is a BIG one. 

It all started in 1945 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which was the first community in the U.S. to add fluoride to its water with the objective of preventing tooth decay.

“Municipal fluoridation was a mid-twentieth century innovation based on the medical hypothesis that consuming low doses of fluoride when young provided protection against cavities with only a small risk of mild dental fluorosis, a cosmetic effect.”

See that mention of dental fluorosis? Scientists used to think it was just a cosmetic effect… 

But now they know there is more to it. More on that in a bit…

Now, lower rates of tooth decay SOUNDS like an admirable goal. 

But when it results in a MAJOR public health policy that affects two out of three Americans, it’s probably a good idea to get the data right.

Today about 69% of the population of the U.S. has fluoride in their water. 

Of course, if you have well water, then you probably don’t. 

But if you have water from any kind of municipal source then it’s likely you do, and it’s something you must be aware of if that’s the case.

The problem is that fluoride in water can have some really bad health consequences. 

So we know this – and many countries are moving or have moved to ban fluoride in water…

But in the U.S., it’s still an accepted practice with a lot of myths surrounding it.

Blood is thicker than water: Flaws in a National Toxicology Program study

Dental fluorosis and cognitive-behavioral development

Here’s the big problem. 

We are WAY over-fluoridated in our society. Our water contains fluoride. Our toothpaste contains fluoride. 

So we are just ingesting way too much fluoride all the time.

That’s because even small amounts of fluoride can cause problems with cognitive-behavioral development. 

And most of us are way over the threshold of “small amounts.”

“Scientific literature since the 1990s has found that even low doses of fluoride adversely affect cognitive-behavioral development…”

And now we come back to the dental fluorosis issue. 

Remember earlier when I said that dental fluorosis was more than just a cosmetic issue? 

It does CAUSE cosmetic issues (see image below), but it is also an indicator of other problems – like overexposure to fluoride causing issues with mental development.

Images for dental fluorosis

“Deficits are correlated with the severity of dental fluorosis in afflicted individuals.”

It’s not like dental fluorosis is rare either – one in five teens has it. 

“In the 21st century, more than half of American teens are afflicted by dental fluorosis – with approximately one in five having moderate to severe dental fluorosis in at least two teeth.”

That’s 20% of people who have PHYSICAL evidence of too much fluoride in the water. 

Holy crud!

And the awful thing is that the government knows about this and HAS known about it since the 1940s – at least.

Evidence of neurotoxic impact from low-dose systemic exposure to fluoride prompted an investigation by a branch of the governmental agency that has promoted fluoridation policy since its 1940s inception. This review identifies ten significant flaws in the design of an animal experiment conducted by the US National Toxicology Program as part of that investigation into the neurotoxic impact of systemic prenatal and postnatal fluoride exposure.”

But the fluoride is STILL in our water.

If you aren’t mad yet, you should be.

Because you don’t have to have dental fluorosis to assume that fluoride is having an impact on your brain. 

It doesn’t take that much. Those are just the WORST cases. 

It only takes a SMALL amount of fluoride to cause damage.

That’s why I never brush with a fluoride toothpaste. 

I just use plain old baking soda. It works great.

And I almost NEVER have cavities because baking soda resets the pH balance in your mouth to make it less hospitable to the bacteria that cause cavities.

I also use a special water filter by Berkey to remove the fluoride from my water… 

Because I’m not taking any chances. 

Too much fluoride is bad news. I’m not putting that in my body if I can help it, and neither should you.

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