Here’s how to improve 47% in the bedroom – instantly

Here’s how to improve 47% in the bedroom -- instantly

I’m living proof – my wife and I have better sex now than ever before… And you can too. Here’s the one thing to do, just one…

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Oxytocin gives men bigger and fuller erections whenever they want

It sounds crazy, but this is a fact… The most important hormone for getting great erections isn’t testosterone… It’s oxytocin.

If a man has long-lasting erections, he has high oxytocin.

If his penis is limp and draggy, he has low oxytocin.

Now, remember: Oxytocin has to be made naturally by the body – it floods the testicles and the penis, and even the brain… 

And it gives men powerfully rigid, long-lasting erections whenever they want. Along with increased sensitivity and full-body waves of pleasure.

So how do you naturally increase oxytocin?

Truthfully, you don’t have to lift a finger – this oxytocin miracle does all the work for you, and right now it’s free.

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Here’s how to improve 47% in the bedroom – instantly

I’m getting older and I intend on using this one method to have great sex until I’m 120.

To me, sex is one of the most important things in life. 

It makes life worth living in a way that is surprisingly wonderful and joyous.

But there is this weird cultural expectation, at least in the United States, that as you get older you should “slow down” or not expect things to “work as well as they used to.”

This is complete and total nonsense. 

I’m here to tell you that, no matter what your age (even if you are 102), or how well your penis is working, you can have fantastic, wonderful, amazing sex.

Today I’m going to share with you a couple of simple methods to make your sex life way better right now. 

Health status, sexual activity and satisfaction among older people in Britain: A mixed methods study

Only about 42% of folks over 55 are satisfied with their sex lives…

This is an abysmal statistic. But it’s true. 

In this study of people between 55 and 75, only 42% (it was about the same for both men and women) were satisfied with their sex lives. 

Whoo-whee – that’s bad, but not particularly surprising.

“Among this group, women were less likely than men to be sexually active in the previous six months (54% vs 62%) but just as likely to be satisfied with their sex life (42% vs 42%).”

I’m on a mission to change the number of people who are VERY satisfied with their sex lives…

…and to make sure that every man who wants a good sex life has one. 

It is possible. And it’s well worth putting the time into it to make it happen.

And nope, I’m not talking about taking those little blue pills. 

There are MUCH better methods. Don’t believe the doctors that pills are the ONLY way.

One of the things that makes a big difference in satisfaction with sex is the contentment people feel with their relationships.

For people in relationships – the feeling of contentment with the relationship makes a HUGE difference.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that, except for “make-up sex,” fighting all the time and feeling bad about your partner are not good formulas for having a satisfying sex life. 

Having this kind of combative relationship can make the entire rest of your life miserable as well.

“For those in a relationship, sexual satisfaction was strongly associated with both the quality of communication with their partner and contentment with their relationship.”

Contentment is way underrated… But it’s also super-important if you are going to have a good life AND a great sex life.

The best way I know to find more contentment in a relationship is through building up oxytocin. 

Your body produces this hormone naturally… And it gives you a feeling of satisfaction and love with your partner.

It also has the benefit of creating much stronger erections – even if you’ve had trouble with that in the past. 

And it works amazingly well.

To create oxytocin between partners, you need skin-on-skin contact with your partner. 

Holding hands works great. So does snuggling on the couch while watching TV.

I’ve given this advice to couples and watched them go from complete messes to calm and easygoing within weeks.

If you continue to cuddle and hold hands with your partner, you will often also find that your erections come back over time, if this is something you’ve had trouble with.

Having a great sex life is super-important to life satisfaction and can make a HUGE difference in how you view your overall life.

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