Oxytocin builds strong erections in men even before touch

Oxytocin builds strong erections in men even before touch

The real secret of good erections and sexual satisfaction is not high testosterone.

It is high oxytocin.

As I’ve shown you in earlier newsletters, many men are very happy sexually with low testosterone.

However, I doubt many men are sexually happy with low oxytocin.

The body creates oxytocin during cuddling, hand-holding, eye gazing, and sexual contact with your partner.

Influence of a “Warm Touch” Support Enhancement Intervention Among Married Couples on Ambulatory Blood Pressure, Oxytocin, Alpha Amylase, and Cortisol 

In this study, they monitored partners “oxytocin building behaviors.”

And they noticed some interesting phenomena during this kind of behavior between a husband and wife.

The phenomena were things like prolonged lower blood pressure and increased oxytocin levels.

As if sex was great already, then you have these health benefits.

And it’s from just canoodling with your wife!

During cuddling and sex, Oxytocin rose week after week. But in couples who did not cuddle, oxytocin levels did not rise

Yes, you can get oxytocin administered as a supplement in the nose.

But the effects when it’s administered as an oxytocin supplement are very different from when the body creates it.

And I want to discourage anybody from trying the oxytocin nose spray as a supplement.

It’s not helpful at all, and it may even be harmful.

And how to increase oxytocin in men the right way is more fun.

But getting oxytocin the right way, through partner contact, that’s healthy.

What’s very interesting is that blood pressure fell dramatically in men.

Husbands in the non-cuddling group had higher systolic blood pressure, than husbands in the intervention group.

Now let’s get to the really interesting bit — this is from another study.

Galanin and galanin-like peptide modulate vasopressin and oxytocin release in vitro: the role of galanin receptors

When you cuddle, you release something called GALP, Galanin-Like Peptide.

GALP is a neurochemical that releases oxytocin.

And this oxytocin release happens whether or not you have sex — I suspect it falls a lot AFTER sex.

But look what the oxytocin effects are for males.

When rats received oxytocin-stimulating GALP, they developed extensive rigid erections even without contact with a female.

Researchers dubbed these erections of the sexual appetite, or “appetitive erections.”

As the study says, GALP-produced oxytocin can:

stimulate the appetitive aspects of male sexual behavior.

In other words, the increased oxytocin caused more desire for sex.

In my experience, living a high oxytocin lifestyle life creates massively good erections.

And they last a long time, even before any touching happens.

It’s fantastic to sport a great erection without any stimulation at all.

And it gets better when you have intercourse with this type of “oxytocin erection” — the benefits are greater duration, greater pleasure and that “want it to continue forever” feeling.

Sexual contact the right way increases oxytocin and creates a massively pleasurable and fulfilling life.

And I’ve got more great oxytocin benefits to discuss in upcoming newsletters.

I’ll tell you other ways that oxytocin can help build and maintain long-lasting erections and extremely high sexual pleasure.



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