“Green space” key to great erections

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This natural system may be best…

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“Green space” key to great erections

Our medical system is mostly about profits.

The doc churns out the scripts and the surgeries and the treatments… Insurance or Medicare pays.

Everyone benefits except the patient.

Because today, Big Medicine profits come mostly from expensive procedures and treatments.

So, doctors aren’t taught how to prevent disease.

The doctors aren’t bad people.

But they are never taught how to KEEP a person HEALTHY.

And now, new research shows that there’s one easy thing we can do to stay healthy.

It's official -- spending time outside is good for you

Nature – the miracle treatment

What if there was one thing you could do that would reduce the risk of heart disease, dying young, stress, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure…and even erectile dysfunction?

Since I want to live to be 120, I’m always interested in breakthroughs like this.

In this huge study (290 million people), researchers showed that exposure to green space helps improve overall health tremendously.

“Populations with higher levels of green space exposure are also more likely to report good overall health – according to global data involving more than 290 million people.”

This is remarkable – in part because it’s so incredibly simple.

What exactly is green space?

Green space is pretty much what it sounds like – any space that includes trees, plants, and other vegetation.

This can include undeveloped space as well as parks and urban trees.

“‘Green space’ was defined as open, undeveloped land with natural vegetation as well as urban green spaces, which included urban parks and street greenery.”

There are a lot of different health benefits from green space exposure…

But one of the most striking results is a reduction in overall salivary levels of cortisol.

“In fact, one of the really interesting things we found is that exposure to green space significantly reduces people’s levels of salivary cortisol – a physiological marker of stress.”

Cortisol stress hormone and lower overall salivary levels indicates lower stress levels.

Getting outside matters.

Being exposed to greenery has huge health benefits, both short- and long-term…

So much so that promoting a healthy environment can help reduce, prevent, and treat disease.

And sometimes as well or better than medication.

Study co-author Prof Andy Jones, from the University of East Anglia:

“We often reach for medication when we’re unwell, but exposure to health-promoting environments is increasingly recognized as both preventing and helping treat disease. Our study shows that the size of these benefits can be enough to have a meaningful clinical impact.”

If you live in an area without a lot of green space, or you can’t get outside on a regular basis, then it’s a good idea to bring the green inside if possible.

Getting a few plants to create more green space indoors can really help.

If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry.

Succulents such jade plant and mother-in-law’s tongue are very easy to care for and help to create green spaces in your home.

And I know this seems a little crazy, but with our students we’ve even seen exposure to green spaces help with erectile dysfunction.

The link to ED…

The reason I think that this works, is because exposure to green spaces seems to promote a healthier environment in the body.

That leads to less inflammation of the vascular system…

And anytime the vascular system gets healthier, then erections get better as well.

Exposure to nature also helps the body produce more oxytocin, which is one of the building blocks of great erections.

So, not only is green space great for overall health and minimizing disease, but it can help in the bedroom too.

If you want to live a long life and be healthy through your later years, then getting outside is a really good idea.

Take walks to local parks, practice gardening, and bring plants indoors. Your health will benefit from getting around nature.

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