Breathing for Better Erections

Breathing for Better Rockiness

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Breathing for Better Erections

I’ve heard the term “mouth breather” used as an insult. Usually, it means a person is dim-witted or dumb.

And while the insult is certainly cruel, the reality is that mouth breathing isn’t good for you AT ALL.

It can cause a lot of health problems – including asthma.

That’s because it messes up the CO2/oxygen balance in your body and can create a chronic and low-level state of hyperventilation.

Now, your doctor isn’t going to tell you this, mostly because 99% of doctors don’t know how beneficial nose breathing is to your health.

After all, there isn’t much profit motive in saying “breathe with your mouth closed.”

Here’s the thing: I’ve been teaching about breathing through your nose for years now…

And a new study just came out that showed yet ANOTHER benefit of nose breathing – having a better memory!

So, now there is even more reason to become a nose breather.

Respiration modulates olfactory memory consolidation in humans

Crazily enough, breathing through your nose improves your memory.

In this Swedish study, the researchers told their participants to learn 12 different smells on two different occasions.

And they had to remember which smell went with which session.

During this learning phase, the researchers instructed people to either mouth breathe or nose breathe.

And the nose breathers were better able to remember which smells came from which session.

“The results showed that when the participants breathed through their noses between the time of learning and recognition, they remembered the smells better.”

This effect on memory seems to be due to a process called memory consolidation.

Nose breathing specifically seems to help our memories get stored in the brain in a way that makes them easier to retrieve.

“Our study shows that we remember smells better if we breathe through the nose when the memory is being consolidated – the process that takes place between learning and memory retrieval…” 

Of course, traditional practices that promote meditation understand the importance of proper breathing…

…and have long used breathing as a way to control human behavior and physiological responses.

But now scientists are beginning to be able to offer clinical evidence that nose-breathing has a whole host of positive effects on the human body.

“The idea that breathing affects our behavior is actually not new… In fact, the knowledge has been around for thousands of years in such areas as meditation. But no one has managed to prove scientifically what actually goes on in the brain. We now have tools that can reveal new clinical knowledge.”

And don’t worry, if you’re a mouth breather you can become a nose breather with just a little bit of effort. Here’s how…

How to breathe through your nose (instead of your mouth)

There are just two steps to becoming a nose breather (or to breathing through your nose more consistently).

1) Awareness

Many people breathe through their mouth when they are exercising or when they are bored.

Observe your own behavior to become aware of when you mouth breathe… then every time you realize you are mouth breathing, all you have to do is shut your mouth.

Many people report feeling much more alert when nose breathing.

Although if you are a regular mouth breather, nose breathing will often feel a bit uncomfortable at first.

But if you keep at it, it will become a habit and greatly improve your health.

2) Sleeping

It’s harder to control your breath when you sleep, and many people breathe through their mouths during slumber.

But, there is an easy solution here as well.

Simply put a piece of medical tape over your mouth while you sleep and you’ll start nose breathing instead of mouth breathing.

Taping your mouth at night with medical tape can seem a little crazy at first. But it’s well worth the effort.

Nose breathing is hugely beneficial to your health and probably your memory too.

It’s worth developing the habit of breathing through your nose even if it takes a bit of effort to accomplish.

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