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5mg of this natural powder can extend your life by decades

Ginger is a culinary spice. It grows in many parts of the world.

Aside from its unique flavor, ginger is also widely used as an herbal medicine.

In recent decades, scientific research has shown that ginger is an anti-inflammatory and can even fight cancer.

Scientists know that ginger can change the bacteria that live in the gut.

And gut bacteria are implicated in many diseases – including obesity and insulin resistance.

So researchers are investigating the effects of ginger on obesity and other metabolic diseases such as insulin resistance.

Beneficial effects of ginger

These researchers carried out animal experiments at the College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, Agricultural University, Beijing, China. The European Journal of Nutrition published the results.

Billions of bacteria live in the gut.

And these bacteria play a huge role in the health of any animal.

“Recent evidence has demonstrated that the gut microbiota plays a critical role in the treatment of obesity and other metabolic dysfunctions.”

Because of this, medicinal foods that can change gut bacteria are the subject of much research.

“Ginger has been shown to exert beneficial effects against obesity and related disorders.”

These researchers wanted to see the effect of ginger on gut bacteria and metabolism.

“We investigated the relationship between the gut microbiota and the metabolic adaptations resulting from ginger supplementation.”

The researchers conducted experiments using four different groups of mice.

They fed two groups of mice on a normal mouse diet. But they also gave one of these groups of mice ginger supplements.

They gave two more groups of mice a high-fat mouse diet that makes mice obese and diabetic.

AND they gave one group of the high-fat mice ginger supplements.

“Four groups of mice were fed a normal chow diet or a high-fat diet with or without ginger supplementation for 16 weeks.”

The researchers tracked changes in inflammation and metabolic factors over the four-month experiment.

They found that supplemental ginger protected the high-fat mice against the damaging effects of the high-fat diet.

Among other things, ginger prevented weight gain.

“We observed marked decreases in body weight in the high-fat-diet-fed mice treated with ginger.”

Ginger lowered inflammation and decreased insulin resistance in mice fed the unhealthy diet.

“We observed marked decreases inflammation as well as amelioration of insulin resistance in the high-fat-diet-fed mice treated with ginger.”

The researchers also assessed the populations of bacteria living in the guts of the animals.

Ginger supplementation led to higher levels of healthy gut bacteria.

“Ginger supplementation modulated the gut microbiota composition and increased species belonging to the Bifidobacterium genus.”

Liver damage is becoming an increasing problem associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Scientists think this liver damage is caused by bacteria leaking from the gut and poisoning the liver.

Animals supplemented with ginger had significantly healthier livers than animals fed the high-fat diet without ginger.

“We observed marked decreases in liver steatosis in high-fat diet fed mice treated with ginger.”

Ginger has a significant beneficial effect on gut bacteria.

The change in gut bacteria lowers the risk of obesity, fatty liver, and insulin resistance.

“This study suggests that modulation of the gut microbiota as a result of ginger supplementation has a therapeutic effect on obesity in mice.”

There is a lot of research on gut bacteria and health in mice and humans.

And these bacteria have remarkably similar effects in the two species.

One human study showed that 5 gm of powdered ginger/day could significantly lower inflammation associated with obesity and metabolic disorders in humans.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing any health-related problems.

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