Zinc raises testosterone but can also raise cadmium levels

Zinc raises testosterone but can also raise cadmium levels

It’s quite possible that if you have a low libido and low testosterone, zinc will help you bring things up a bit.

But you need to use caution with zinc.

Here, I’ll explain zinc’s benefits for you — and why you should be careful.

In this study, researchers took men who have low testosterone and were undergoing kidney dialysis.

The dialysis made it simpler to study the men.

I would imagine they did a variety of studies with his people.

The researchers gave 20 of the men 50mg of “elemental” zinc.

Remember the word elemental here.

But the researchers found that zinc boosts testosterone.

Over a few months, their testosterone levels doubled.

And all the hormones that should be low, such as luteinizing hormone and FSH, fell as well.

Patients receiving zinc had an improvement in potency, libido, and frequency of intercourse not found in the placebo group.

All of this is very good.

Now let me go back to that 50 mg of elemental zinc.

This study used zinc acetate.

I don’t know where you can get zinc acetate, but I have seen zinc picolinate and zinc gluconate around.

About 385 mg of zinc gluconate give you 50 milligrams of ACTUAL zinc elemental zinc.

The elemental zinc is the amount of actual zinc in the molecule.

The rest of the molecule, the gluconate, weighs a lot more than the zinc.

This distinction from the dose versus the actual amount of zinc is critical.

It’s important to make sure you know how much elemental zinc you are getting.

Most people take far too much zinc.

Even 10 mg of elemental zinc per day, which is 77 milligrams of zinc gluconate,  should be plenty for most people.

More than that can be damaging.

Getting too much zinc over time causes serious disruptions in your metabolism that are hard to fix.

Zinc and copper compete for absorption and in utilization in the body.

And too much zinc will lower your copper levels.

Copper is very hard to supplement, and low copper can be a serious problem.

So you need to be careful that you’re not taking enough zinc to block the copper you do get.

Also, a lot of zinc supplements have cadmium in them.

And cadmium is a heavy metal, with many negative long-term health impacts.

Cadmium builds up over decades, and the body has no easy way get rid of this cadmium buildup.

This cadmium is a very serious concern with zinc because almost all zinc supplements have a good deal of cadmium in them.

Worst of all, cadmium builds up in the testicles first.

And it cadmium in the testicles causes enormous damage even in VERY SMALL QUANTITIES.

Cadmium has been shown to produce acute destruction of testes and permanent sterility in male rats with doses which apparently do not damage other tissues.

If you are going to supplement zinc, zinc gluconate has the lowest amount of cadmium.

However, I choose to supplement with zinc only rarely.

I prefer to get zinc in seafood — including oysters, scallops, shrimp, and clams.

On the other hand, if I do supplement, I don’t take more than about 10 mg of elemental zinc a day.

If you are low on zinc, supplementation makes a lot of sense.

It’s something you might want to do at home and see if it helps you.

You should still talk to your doctor first as always.

But he or she will probably support you taking zinc for erectile dysfunction.

And don’t go for 50 mg of elemental zinc per day for any length of time.

Yes, they did that in the study, but as you can see, it can be dangerous if you get too much zinc.



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Effect of Oral Zinc Therapy on Gonadal Function in Hemodialysis Patients: A Double-Blind Study 


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