Your blood pressure may not be nearly as high as you were told


I’ve written a lot about blood pressure.

One of the things that you’ve learned about from my writing here at Daily Medical Discoveries is that what is called “high blood pressure” today was normal blood pressure a number of years ago.

Why are more and more men diagnosed with high blood pressure? Men who wouldn’t have been diagnosed with it in the past…

It is because lowering the standard for what is considered high blood pressure means that more blood pressure drugs can be prescribed. 

Today’s medicine is all about prescribing drugs and profitability. It’s not about really helping men.

A brilliant recent study has shown that many men have been misdiagnosed with high blood pressure.

Were you one of them?

This study is an example of the falsity and the untruthfulness of “common medical wisdom.”

With millions of men taking high blood pressure medication, you’d think the medical community would have figured out a long time ago how to measure high blood pressure.

You would be wrong.

The standard of care is that patients wait about five minutes after sitting down on the exam table before their blood pressure is taken.

But nobody bothered to investigate this arbitrary length of time until these researchers did.

This was an elegant and simple experiment.

They monitored the blood pressure of about 200 subjects over approximately half an hour.

The study showed that five minutes is not nearly enough for an accurate reading. 

It actually takes 25 minutes to get an accurate blood pressure reading.

Many men in the study who would normally be diagnosed with high blood pressure actually had normal blood pressure readings – at 25 minutes

As the graph shows, taking a blood pressure reading within five minutes of the patient sitting down would result in about 60% of men being diagnosed with hypertension.

And, of course, they would be prescribed medication.

But if the men are allowed to rest for 25 minutes their blood pressure comes down.

If it was done that way, only 30% to 40% would be diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Think about that.

To my knowledge, this is the first time anybody has demonstrated that how we go about measuring blood pressure is all wrong.

It’s so wrong that probably millions of men are taking high blood pressure medications unnecessarily.

So what should you do now?

I suggest you show this study to your doctor and insist on a 25-minute rest checkup. 

I would bet that many men who try this will end up being prescribed hypertension medication no longer.

This is very important because blood pressure medications have a lot of side effects. And that includes erectile dysfunction.

So if you can avoid taking these medications unnecessarily, you will avoid a lot of medical and health problems and sexual side effects.

But don’t just stop taking your blood pressure medication out of the blue.

Get the 25-minute rest checkup first.

If your doctor is not willing to do this, you may want to consider finding a new doctor.

A minimal resting time of 25 min is needed before measuring stabilized blood pressure in subjects addressed for vascular investigations