Women experience four types of orgasms

Women experience four types of orgasms

If you listen to women talk when there is no man around, you realize women talk about sex much more than you’d think.

In fact, women talk about sex more than men talk about sex.

And in reality, men don’t really talk about sex with other men in my experience.

But women talk about sex with other women quite often.

And one of the things they talk about most often is orgasms and faking it.

That’s right — faking an orgasm.

So, I’m going to try to answer the question about how does orgasm work in women?

And I have studies that can explain it to us — finally.

This paper attempts to answer whether there are different types of female orgasms.

And it looks at how satisfactory and fulfilling each type is to the woman.

I’m going to give away some of the mystery right now:

Two types, collectively labelled ‘‘good-sex orgasms,’’ received higher pleasure and sensation ratings than solitary-masturbatory ones.

Whereas two other types, collectively labelled‘‘not-as-good sex orgasms,’’ received lower ratings.

But this differs from what previous studies showed, in particular, studies by Masters and Johnson.

How can that be?

The authors of this study have a couple of theories.

One of the theories is that Masters and Johnson were wrong about female orgasm.

Masters and Johnson said there was only one type of female orgasm.

But Masters and Johnson were misled because of their experimental process.

They used a rigid glass insertable to allow for internal filming, but in many experiments they inserted metal specula. This, crucially, covered areas of the front vaginal wall now regarded as especially sensitive and important in orgasm

If you can’t see what is happening, you can’t record or study it.

But the good news is that we have a better understanding of things now — things Masters and Johnson didn’t know they missed.

With the benefits of better anatomical understanding, these brave researchers plow on, so to speak.

They tried again to evaluate women’s orgasms and the various types.

So, not to keep you in suspense, but here is the chart showing the various types.

Basically, the orgasm types are high pleasure or low pleasure.

They are of high sensation or low sensation.

Who knew female orgasm would be so complex?

As a man if you really think about it, you can certainly identify the same patterns in the male orgasm, can’t you?

I remember having orgasms were I did not feel any real pleasure whatsoever.

And I remember feeling incredible sensation of pleasure without an orgasm at all.

Like last night, LOL. Just kidding.

Anyway, I think the point here is that there is a way to enhance a woman’s orgasm and your own for that matter.

You want to do things that will lead to a very high quality prolonged and pleasurable sexual experience.

This study doesn’t cover what those are except for a few clues.

One clue is that sometimes masturbation produced orgasms that were more satisfactory for the woman, than those with a partner.

Apparently, at least in terms of the orgasm experience itself for a woman, sometimes sex with oneself is more physically pleasurable than sex with a male partner, even when the latter provides sufficient sexual arousal to generate an orgasm.

That may be one of the most interesting results of this study.

I wish I could give you some better clues as to how to satisfy woman from the study.

But the real takeaway is really good sex is REALLY good sex.



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Are There Different Types of Female Orgasm? 

1. What are the types of orgasms?
An orgasm is the most blissful state in a human being, when the body attains the crescendo of erotic pleasure and ejaculates semen in an allure of deep joy and wholeness. But unknown to many, there are different kinds of orgasms that men can partake of. The usual type of orgasm that a man experiences is where, through intercourse or through masturbation, the man attains the peak of arousal and expels the seminal liquid as his body contracts and pulses with energetic vibes. The first type of orgasm is the pelvic orgasm, where a man can actually practice holding their orgasm and send the energy back into their pelvic region. To enjoy the pelvic orgasm one should have control over their bodily functions and a completely relaxed mind. The second is Prostate orgasm where a male achieves orgasm by the stimulation and touching of the prostate. In this type of orgasm, the prostate gland is stimulated either with a toy or by using the finger. This orgasm can only be achieved when a male is fully relaxed and is fully enjoying the stimulation.The third type of orgasm, also called the blended orgasm or the whole body orgasm stimulates the nerve pathways that are connected to the pelvic and spinal regions. This is experienced by the stimulation of both the prostate and the penis, which is done with a relaxed and completely peaceful approach to attain the maximum enjoyment. The fourth type of orgasm is the heart orgasm where full body orgasms are attained without any physical touch. The practitioners of this type of orgasm usually uses the breath and muscle contractions to generate orgasmic energy that flows throughout the body causing male ejaculation. Though most men ejaculate once and would need a minimum time between orgasms to go for a second or third orgasm, with the right mind control and techniques, men can ejaculate again and again. For this type of orgasm one has to have a full control on ones ejaculation. A multiple orgasm experience usually works by getting to the point of orgasm and then being able to control flexing the Pelvic muscle hard enough to block the natural ejaculation from happening.

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