Why you may have male problems even if your testosterone is high

The problem with most testosterone research is that they’re focusing on the wrong thing.

That’s why so many men tell me that they’ve gone to the doc, and their testosterone is normal, but they feel low libido and have erections problems.

Here is pretty much the standard of care for low testosterone that is laid out for physicians.

Notice that this is from England, so they spell things a little differently, but you get the idea:

You’ll notice that they don’t even consider treating anybody with normal tea.

Angela also noticed something else, that they really don’t pay a whole lot of attention to prolactin, except towards the end, with regard to iron.

How does prolactin affect men’s health?

This study was done quite a long time ago, in the early 1980s.

I would imagine that the results would be very different today.

But unfortunately, prolactin levels in men are not being studied.

And this is a shame because many if not most men who are suffering from what they call low T syndrome actually have high prolactin levels.

How do you know you have high prolactin?

You can get a blood test for prolactin, which is probably useful.

But there are other signs.

Gynecomastia, or man boobs.

Low libido.

Lack of rockiness. (when you do not use porn and when you have good masturbation habits.)

High blood pressure, low thyroid, high risk of stroke, prostate information.

All of these are signs that you have high prolactin levels.

So in this study, they actually went through over 1000 men, and they found that many of these men who are suffering from erections problems also had high prolactin levels.

There is a drug called bromocriptine, which lowers prolactin levels.

When they gave these men bromocriptine, they started performing again.

Even though their testosterone levels were still low.

In actuality, it’s not low testosterone that affects men so much, its high estrogen and high prolactin.

Prolactin and estrogen levels are often high in men with performance problems.

It’s true that if you’re having prolactin issues, you could go to the doctor and get a prescription for bromocriptine, and that might help.

But there’re other things that bring prolactin levels down

Raising your metabolism, eating better, more zinc, methylene blue, lowering cortisol and estrogen levels in your body, all of these lower estrogen and lower prolactin levels.

Many times, they will bring back performance.



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