Why these Chinese men don’t have prostate problems


Traditional Chinese medicine can fix prostate problems…today, scientists agree – this mushroom really does fix prostate problems and even cancer! Here’s what you need to know…

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Why these Chinese men don’t have prostate problems

Chaga is a mushroom that grows on birch trees.

It’s been used medicinally in Chinese traditional medicine for many years.

Now, new research solidifies chaga’s standing as a medical agent that can help fight cancer.

Scientists at the School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (Tianjin University in China) performed number of experiments on the chaga mushroom.

Using alcohol, heat, and pressure they concentrated and separated extracts from chaga.

Then they exposed various types of cells to the chaga extract.

They discovered that chaga mushroom extract can block the creation of nitric oxide (NO).

“Mushroom extracts were found to have significant inhibition effects on nitric oxide production”

Nitric oxide is a metabolic poison that prevents our cells from producing energy efficiently.

In cancer, energetic metabolism is deranged.

Scientists also found that chaga extract inhibited a potent inflammatory protein called NFkB.

“The extracts were found to have significant inhibition effects on inflammatory protein NF-κB.”

Inflammation is centrally involved in every degenerative process.

Elevated inflammatory proteins are a sign of cancer.

As the authors pointed out in their paper:

“Cancer is always associated with inflammatory responses – and the expression of inflammatory genes was often negatively correlated with cancer stage and prognosis. Inflammation played a crucial role in cancer progress.”

So the scientists then exposed breast cancer cells to chaga mushroom extract.

“The extracts were found to have significant cytotoxicity against breast carcinoma cell.”

In other words, Chaga extract is toxic to breast cancer cells.

Next the scientists exposed human prostate cancer cells to chaga mushroom extract.

“The extracts were found to have significant cytotoxicity against human prostatic carcinoma cells.”

Chaga extract of chaga was found to be toxic to human prostate cancer cells.

Scientists chemically split the chaga mushroom extract into different fractions to identify the anti-inflammatory compounds.

“Compound ergosterol, ergosterol peroxide, and trametenolic acid showed anti-inflammatory activities”

They then identified the constituents of chaga mushroom that protect against breast and prostate cancers.

“Ergosterol peroxide and trametenolic acid showed obviously cytotoxicity on human prostatic carcinoma cell and breast carcinoma cell. ”

These discoveries show that chaga mushroom has real medicinal benefits – fighting breast cancer and prostate cancer.

In the future chaga mushroom could be developed into a treatment for some types of cancer.

Of course, it’s more likely that some of the extracted compounds will be synthesised and incorporated into a pharmaceutical drug.

Though traditional herbal remedies can be effective – as proven by the study – organic substances like mushrooms tend to have massive variation in their active compounds.

It makes sense to find an effective dosing regimen of chaga mushroom extract.

Accurate dosing of active components is probably not possible from actual mushroom specimens.

But it could be achieved from extracts with a guaranteed fraction of active ingredients.

Dosing could be made even easier by using refined or synthesised singular components.

Other mushrooms have been shown to have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects as well.

Mushrooms are associated with the lowering of mortality and cancer rates.

Mushrooms are not always safe and beneficial however.

Some are extremely toxic unless prepared in a specific way to make them safe.

Some medicinal mushrooms have a cost/benefit ratio associated with their use…

They do some harm and have some benefits – their usefulness depends on a person’s specific health problem.

Recent analysis has shown that some medicinal mushroom supplements on the market are not what they claim to be.

Analysis of the contents of supplements marketed as reishi mushroom in the US revealed that only a small minority of the product were in fact reishi mushroom.

“The results showed that the measured ingredients of only 5 tested samples (26.3%) were in accordance with their labels, which suggested the quality consistency of G. lucidum dietary supplements in the U.S. market was poor, which should be carefully investigated.”

Nearly 3/4 of reishi mushroom supplements in the US were mislabelled!

Mushrooms are potentially powerful medicinal allies…

…against inflammation and cancer (and other things).

But they should never be taken lightly.

Mushrooms also have the potential to do a lot of harm. And there are a lot of mislabelled mushroom supplements on the market.

Be careful with mushrooms.

And of course, see your healthcare professional if you suspect you have cancer or any other serious disease.

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