Why so many men are developing liver cancer — and how to stop it

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One simple vitamin can do the trick

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Why so many men are developing liver cancer — and how to stop it

Hepatocellular carcinoma is the most common type of liver cancer.

Usually people with liver cirrhosis die of this type of liver cancer.

The disease can be caused by anything that creates chronic inflammation in the liver.

Pathogens that lead to hepatitis, alcohol, and some food toxins can all cause hepatocellular carcinoma.

More and more people are developing this type of liver cancer due to obesity and type II diabetes.

But researchers have found that an easily available vitamin offers a lot of protection against the progression of this type of liver cancer.

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The research was carried out at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia and the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mansoura University, Egypt.

The studies included cell experiments and animal research. The results were published in Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy.

Vitamin B3 is actually a series of different vitamins.

Both niacin and nicotinamide are considered to be vitamin B3.

But these vitamins do not have identical effects.

A lot of research has shown that nicotinamide has beneficial health effects which are not found using standard niacin.

There are a lot of clues that indicate that nicotinamide could protect against cancer.

“Nicotinamide is associated with protection against cancer.”

Nicotinamide affects a number of compounds that are known to be associated with the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma — liver cancer.

“Therefore, we conducted this research to examine the therapeutic effects of nicotinamide against hepatocellular carcinoma.”

In some of the experiments, rats were given liver cancer by exposure to a toxin called thioacetamide.

“Hepatocellular carcinoma was induced in rats by thioacetamide.”

Some of those rats were also given a dose of the nicotinamide form of B3.

They were given the vitamin twice a day for four months.

The researchers tracked the health and cancer progression in all of the rats.

“The rat survival, number and size of tumors were measured.”

Rats with liver cancer survived longer if they were given vitamin B3/nicotinamide.

“We found that nicotinamide enhanced the rats’ survival.”

There were fewer tumors in the animals on the vitamin treatment.

“We found that nicotinamide reduced the number of hepatic tumors.”

The animals given B3 also had significantly smaller cancerous tumors in their livers.

“Nicotinamide reduced the size of hepatic tumors.”

The researchers conducted further experiments on liver cancer cells.

Those experiments proved that nicotinamide lowered a number of factors believed to cause hepatocellular carcinoma.

IGF-1, PKB and JNK-MAPK are believed to contribute to this type of liver cancer.

“Nicotinamide blocked liver cancer induced elevations in IGF-1, PKB and JNK-MAPK.”

The researchers concluded that vitamin B3 has nicotinamide and is toxic to liver cancer cells.

“Nicotinamide produced cytotoxic effects against hepatocellular carcinoma in cancer cells and live animals.”

Nicotinamide also lowered liver enzymes — a key sign indicating improved liver health.

Nicotinamide protects the liver and has a number of anti-cancer effects.

“Nicotinamide produced anti-cancer and liver protective effects, as demonstrated by enhancing survival as well as reduction in liver enzymes.”

The findings back previous research showing that nicotinamide can lower the risk of some types of cancer.

“Nicotinamide appears to be protective in various chemical- and ultra violet radiation-induced carcinogenesis models in animals.”

Nicotinamide is already widely available as a health supplement. Niacinamide is another common name for this type of vitamin B3.

(Niacin is not the same.)

The researchers didn’t suggest an appropriate dose for humans.

High doses of nicotinamide can lower blood sugar quite a bit — enough to cause hypoglycemia.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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The therapeutic effects of nicotinamide in hepatocellular carcinoma through blocking IGF-1 and effecting the balance between Nrf2 and PKB.