Why nitric oxide is so deadly to the male body

Why nitric oxide is so deadly to the male body

Remember the treatment in the old days for people who had heart pains or angina pectoris?

They would take a little bit of nitroglycerin.

It was a little pill that they would take under their tongue?

The nitroglycerin would create nitric oxide in the body.

And the nitric oxide would provide some emergency help in widening their arteries that are feeding blood to the heart.

Therefore preventing cardiac pain.

Today, millions of men swallow PDE5 inhibitors — Viagra, Cialis, Levitra.

These are very similar to those nitroglycerin tablets.

PDE5 inhibitors trap nitric oxide in the penile member and everywhere else in the body.

The result is that PDE5 inhibitors cause nitric oxide in the body to skyrocket.

And that capitalizes on the effects of nitric oxide in the body.

But you and I know that this is NOT a good thing.

I’ve shown you studies that show PDE5 inhibitors cause testicle damage.

But the drug companies are very very careful about guarding their enormous profits from these findings.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say they have suppressed studies, but I think something similar has gone on.

And testicle damage isn’t all they cause.

People who take PDE5 inhibitors are prone to getting more contagious diseases.

They get more cancer.

More heart disease.

And I think this newsletter explains why.

So now to see why nitric oxide is so harmful, I want to show you what the result of increasing nitric oxide is.

Higher nitric oxide levels can come from taking a number of things.

It could be L-arginine supplements, beet juice, celery juice, or PDE5 inhibitors.

Let’s see what happens then.

Remember that the mitochondria are the energy producing factories located in cells.

The mitochondria give us the energy of life.

They quite literally breathe and create energy for our entire organism.

There can be thousands of mitochondria in a muscle cell and only a handful in many other cells.

But no cell can be alive for very long without mitochondria.

Mitochondria need to breathe to make energy.

And the one thing that messes up their breathing and energy production is, you guessed it, nitric oxide.

Here’s an extremely simplified explanation.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand it, very few people do.

On the left is where you get air going in and on the right you get ATP.

But nitric oxide gums up the works.

Nitric oxide clogs up an important energy-producing enzyme called cytochrome C oxidase.

Cytochrome C oxidase is critical for oxygen transfer and energy production.

And the cytochrome C oxidase gets jammed with nitric oxide.

So now the cell can’t breathe anymore.

Once it’s jammed with nitric oxide, it just sits there unable to breathe and unable to produce energy.

If enough cytochrome C oxidase molecules get jammed with nitric oxide, the mitochondria will die.

And then the entire cell will die.

If enough cells die, each cell releases nitric oxide, and the organism will die.

Nitric oxide competes with oxygen.

The nitric oxide binds with the cytochrome C oxidase in preference to oxygen.

Now there’s less oxygen and less breathing going on.

And less carbon monoxide is being released.

If you have been reading my newsletter for very long, you know the carbon dioxide is critically important to our health.

When carbon dioxide levels are high, lots of oxygen can reach our mitochondria.

This keeps us very metabolically healthy.

We don’t get cancer.

We don’t get diabetes, and we have plenty of potency.

But when carbon dioxide levels are low, oxygen cannot reach her tissues.

Instead, nitric oxide gets produced by the stress in our bodies.

And that nitric oxide comes up the cytochrome C oxidase instead of oxygen.

That’s where all kinds of metabolic problems start.

Now it turns out that there are several things that will let the cytochrome C oxidase get rid of nitric oxide.

One of those things is a chemical called methylene blue.

Methylene blue is a miracle worker chemical and very inexpensive.

Plus it has a long safe history of use.

But an even safer and better option is using red light.

Mitochondria and specifically cytochrome C oxidase are very sensitive to red light.

When exposed to red light, they get excited.

And when they’re excited, they can get rid of their nitric oxide and start breathing oxygen again.

Red light is the key to improving metabolism.

It lets the poor mitochondria that are jammed up with nitric oxide get rid of that nitric oxide.

And it lets them start breathing oxygen again.

Then they’re exhaling carbon dioxide into the cells.

The carbon dioxide levels go up, oxygen levels go up, and health goes up.

And the added happy benefit is that it means that the male organ goes up as well.

There’s nothing better for potency than restoring metabolism and getting rid of nitric oxide.

If this is true, then why do erections require nitric oxide?

They don’t.

There are many types of erections, and only one type relies on nitric oxide.

And there are many ways of getting fantastic erections without increasing nitric oxide.

The drug companies got lucky when they discovered the PDE5 inhibitors.

It was purely an accident.

But then they started to talk about the supposed benefits of nitric oxide.

There are many other ways of getting strong erections that do not involve increased amounts of nitric oxide.

All without having to cope with nitric oxide side effects.

And if you do increase nitric oxide to get an erection, it only takes a tiny amount for a very short time.

It lasts 6 seconds on average in the human body.

It’s nothing compared to the enormous increases that dangerous PDE5 inhibitors create.

These allow nitric oxide levels to build up and stay high for hours.

But the human body isn’t designed for elevated nitric oxide levels.

Now you can see why.

Nitric oxide interferes with the life-giving elements of cellular respiration.

You want to lower it, not increase it.


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