Why men over 40 need more zinc – and how to get it

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Most men don’t realize how important zinc is for aging…

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Why men over 40 need more zinc – and how to get it

Many viral and bacterial infections are more dangerous for older people.

One of the main reasons for this fact is the effect of aging on the thymus gland.

The thymus gland is a key stone component of the immune system.

It finishes the production of T cells — the immune factors designed to kill infections.

But there are a number of factors which can rejuvenate the function of the thymus gland — supercharging the immune system in older people.

One of these factors is zinc.

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The animal experiments were carried out at Hôpital Necker, Paris, France. The results were published in Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology.

Zinc is a mineral which shows numerous immune benefits.

Animal studies have shown that zinc deficiency can cause shrinkage of the thymus gland and deterioration of immune function.

The thymus gland also shrinks with age — but prior to this study no one had checked to see if zinc supplementation could prevent age-related thymus deterioration.

“It is clearly established that the thymus undergoes age-dependent atrophy.”

Zinc levels also drop with age in humans and other animals.

“Ageing individuals present zinc deficiency that might partially account for the changes of the ageing thymus.”

These facts formed the basis of a series of animal experiments.

The researchers used different groups of mice, some of which were supplemented with zinc.

Some of the mice were sacrificed when young and others as older animals.

The researchers then carried out examinations of the thymus gland of all of the animals.

“A multiparametric study of the thymus was performed in normal aging mice submitted to a mild oral zinc supplementation.”

The research confirmed that the zinc levels drop with age — and that it is possible to restore zinc levels with zinc supplements.

“Zinc levels were significantly reduced with ageing and can be restored to values close to those observed in young animals after six months of zinc supplementation.”

But the most interesting finding of the study was that zinc can trigger the regeneration of thymus tissue.

“Oral zinc administration stimulates thymus growth and partially restores the micro environmental as well as lymphoid compartments of the organ.”

Zinc-stimulated regeneration of the thymus gland was accompanied by an increase in thymulin.

Thymulin is a hormone which helps with production and enhancement of immune cells…

…T Cells and natural killer cells which fight viral and bacterial infections.

“A significant increase in thymulin levels were observed, suggesting that the age-related decline of thymic function might at least partially be due to factors such as zinc deficiency.”

Zinc supplementation led to significant increases in white blood cell production in the thymus — a clear sign of a healthier immune system.

“The total number of thymic lymphocytes was consistently increased.”

The thymus glands of older animals tend to develop cysts and other detrimental structural changes.

Zinc was even able to reverse these age-related processes.

“Structural changes including the disappearance of epithelial cysts frequently observed in old animals were observed.”

Zinc lozenges have been shown to shorten the duration of viral infections like cold and flu.

But these types of experiments show that zinc has a far more important role in general immunity.

Zinc levels tend to drop with age — as the thymus shrinks.

And supplementary easing can help to regenerate the thymus gland and boost immune function.

“Aging-related physiological zinc deficiency induces some relevant changes in thymus structure and function which can be partially corrected by a mild oral zinc supplementation.”

To prevent viral and bacterial infections, it is essential to optimize zinc levels.

However…be careful of zinc supplementation!

Zinc supplements can be easily overdone. 

I prefer to get my zinc from seafood, especially oysters.

I buy boiled oysters in a can (I get 12 at a time from Amazon) and eat a can every week, or fresh oysters on the half shell when I can get them.

I have found that many people who take zinc supplements overdo the zinc and it results in a copper deficiency that is hard to correct.

So I recommend you get your zinc the way I get mine…

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Restoration of the thymus in aging mice by in vivo zinc supplementation.

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