Why men in Florida and New England live longer than other men

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This is fascinating…

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Matt Cook here, and I’m pretty obsessed with living as long as I can with the best health and sex life possible.

And many people are living to be over 100 and the longest living people on Earth are 120 or older, and that’s my aim.

That’s why I’m always interested in research that shows you how to live longer and healthier…

And this new study is shocking — it reveals one strange connection between where you live and how long you live…

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Why men in Florida and New England live longer than other men

One of the interesting areas of research that’s being done right now on longevity is about how where you live or where you move affects your lifespan.

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In a study published in the American Economic Review they found that where you live or where you move to can positively or negatively affect your lifespan.

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This is fascinating stuff.

What they found was that the closer a person lived to the coast or around a major city the longer they typically lived.

The places that are good for a person’s longevity tend to be on the coasts or in and around larger cities. 

They also found that having access to quality healthcare, having lower crime rates, and having lower levels of pollution also helped.

As a general rule, longer life expectancy is associated with locations that have better quality and quantity of healthcare, more moderate climates, lower crime rates, less pollution, and higher socioeconomic status.

As you can see from the map there are a lot of different areas and climates to choose from if you want this life-expanding effect. 

Interestingly, this moving strategy also gave people with already expected longer health spans because of genetics a real boost as well.

Also, people who naturally have a tendency toward longer life (for example, because of genetics) can reap greater benefits by living in a healthier location.

Now, this isn’t the fountain of youth or anything.

The gain in life expectancy when moving from a 10th percentile area to a 90th percentile area only produced a 1.1 year boost in lifespan.

But I do think that 1.1 years is fairly significant — especially considering the average lifespan in the United States is about 78.5 years.

That means that if you move to one of the areas in dark red above you could get another year to enjoy on this planet.

You don’t even have to see a doctor!

Of course, there are also many other factors besides where you live that can influence your longevity. 

You shouldn’t just up and move if all of your social support and loved ones will be in a different place, because it might entirely negate the effects of moving.

I think that the most important thing to realize is that you have a lot more control over your health and your lifespan than you probably think you do.

If you decide that you are going to live a long and healthy life, then you will start to work toward that goal.

Living a great life that is incredibly satisfactory in every single way is the core of how I live and what I teach.

I’m honored that you’re with me on this journey!

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