Why Men Crash (Ugh, This Is Hard to Write)

Why Men Crash (Ugh, This Is Hard to Write)

This particular combination of eating and exercise is gravely hurting men… Are you doing it? You must read this…

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Depression-Era Fat-Loss Method – Lets You Burn Calories and Eat More (a LOT More)

During the Depression, men were using this fat loss secret and losing 10-30 pounds of belly fat.

Without exercise at all.

Here’s why it works. As you know, a fast metabolism BURNS the calories. A man with a fast metabolism is thin, lean, and sexy to women.

Burning fat is called thermogenesis.

And that is what this a Depression-era method allows. Men doing this burn fat effortlessly.

This method revs a man up – he is warm, he is sexually potent, and he feels like an 18-year-old.

How does it all work? Thermogenesis.

Non-adrenergic control of lypolysis and thermogenesis in adipose tissues

This method was used decades ago with extraordinary results.

And it can be safely used again today.

Click here to discover how to safely use thermogenesis to burn away fat and be lean, fit, and potent.

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Weird Biohack That You Should Be Doing Every Day

Ever go on a diet and have it just not stick? It happens all the time.

Diets seem like deprivation. You can’t eat this, you don’t get to eat that.

There are rules and rules and rules to follow.

Blech! Who wants to live like that?

Food is one of the GREAT joys in life – sex is better, but food is way up there.

On top of the deprivation and diets being difficult to stick to, we have the straight-up fact that some diets are REALLY bad for your health – like the Paleo diet.

That thing is BRUTAL in the long term because our bodies aren’t set up to eat just protein and fat.


What if there is a way you could lower your fat intake (too much fat is SUPER-bad for your health) without having to think about it?

What if it happened mostly automagically?

It’s possible… And probably a lot easier than you think.

That’s because your brain actually has a mechanism to make this happen…

And since I love bio-hacking – getting your body to do what you want with minimal effort – I think this technique rocks the party.

The magic activity that gets you to eat better without thinking about it…

In this study, researchers asked a couple of thousand people who were pretty much completely inactive to exercise three times a week doing their choice of activity.

“The new study, published this week in the International Journal of Obesity, looked at 2,680 young adults who were not exercising regularly or dieting.”

The participants in the study were MONITORED to see if they were actually being active – and they got to CHOOSE the type of activity they wanted to do.

“Participants wore heart-rate monitors and could choose from a variety of exercise types, such as on stationary bikes, treadmills, or elliptical machines.”

Monitoring, measuring, and choice are important to behavioral change.

Choice and monitoring are both crucial.

When we monitor or measure our behavior, we often get better results and are more likely to do the behavior we’re measuring.

And when a person is given a choice of a variety of behaviors to do, they get more agency and are more likely to do the behavior.

So this research was well designed.

But even with the good design, it’s not the activity or exercise that makes this particular experiment so interesting.

It’s the results of the exercise that make it such an IMPORTANT study in human behavior.

Don’t worry about what you eat – do this instead…

When the participants had exercised for several weeks, they were more likely to eat leaner meats, fruits, and veggies, and LESS likely to eat fried fatty foods.

“Scientists found that after exercising for several weeks, formerly sedentary study participants were more likely to choose foods like lean meats, fruits, and vegetables – while preferences for fried foods, sodas, and other unhealthy options decreased.”

They even SPECIFICALLY told the participants in this study not to change the way they ate – but the exercise had the effect of helping them eat better ANYWAY.

Some of this effect seems to be a biological response to moderate exercise.

In fact, previous research has found that moderate exercise can reduce a preference for high-fat foods in animals through changes in dopamine levels.

Which is cool, because it makes eating less fat somewhat automatic.

But I do think that there is something else at play here, and that’s the basics of how habits work.

When you start to change one small area of your life, then you easily get a kind of domino effect going on that starts to affect other areas of your life.

In this case, moderate exercise (30 minutes / 3 times a week) led to eating better – even though that wasn’t the aim in the beginning.

So, if you want to start eating better, it may be a good idea to not focus on the food…

Instead, focus on putting your sneakers on as soon as you get home from work, or putting a treadmill in front of the TV.

Because the exercise might just make you eat better without you having to use willpower or even think about it.

To your health!

—-Important Message about Exercising—-

Why Men Crash

You go to the gym, feeling good and wanting to get a sweat going…

But maybe you do too much too soon, or just 5 more reps than you should have…

And you’ve stressed your body out.

Your face is red, you’re having trouble catching your breath, and you may even feel a bit nauseous…

Has that ever happened to you?

It used to happen to me a lot before I realized how bad it was for my body…

Exercising is good for you, but exercising the WRONG way can be fatal.

How you can tell you’re doing it wrong?

High cholesterol.

Low testosterone.

Erection problems.

Belly fat that won’t go away.

And it’s all caused by a toxic lipid that is released into the bloodstream when you work out too hard or exercise wrong.

And this toxic lipid is one of the most dangerous threats to men’s health.

It goes by the name of blood fat… And for some strange reason, doctors aren’t warning men about it…

Here’s everything you need to know about this dangerous toxic blood fat and how to stop it.




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