Why I’m using this strange blue dye

It’s been around for 150 years and it’s powerful…

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Matt Cook here, and there’s one natural remedy that I’m very, very fond of…

It’s a unique blue dye and you only need a few drops…

And it has so many benefits for men — including boosting brain power, increasing metabolism, healing the skin, and so much more.

Better yet, it’s very cheap and easy to get.

Here’s the strange blue dye I’m using…

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Why I’m using this strange blue dye

Methylene blue was the first synthesized chemical used in medicine – way back in 1876.

These days it’s mostly used in science labs as a dye.

Historically though, methylene blue has had many uses as a treatment.

For example, it was once widely used as an antimalarial treatment.

These days it is often used in tiny amounts to increase mental function – as a “nootropic.”

If you keep fish, you probably have methylene blue – it’s commonly used on fish with any sort of infection to help clear out the pathogen.

The many benefits of methylene blue are due to it increasing metabolism and lowering nitric oxide.

These two effects help to accelerate recovery from any sort of damage – including burns.

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The animal experiments were carried out at the University of São Paulo in Brazil. The results were published in the journal Burns.

When body tissue is exposed to extremely high temperatures, it causes chemical changes in the tissue.

Burns cause immediate damage to the skin, but there is also a lot of damage which occurs at a later point…

…caused by chemicals released by the body.

One of these harmful chemicals is called peroxynitrite, and it is increased by nitric oxide.

When you get burned your body produces too much nitric oxide…

This leads to high peroxynitrite, which causes much of the damage associated with burns.

“Following burns, increased nitric oxide combines with superoxide onion forming peroxynitrite.”

This chemical reaction is important not just in burns but in almost every chronic disease.

“Peroxynitrite generation represents a crucial pathogenic mechanism in conditions such as stroke, myocardial infarction, chronic heart failure, diabetes, circulatory shock, chronic inflammatory diseases, cancer, and neurodegenerative disorders.”

So it makes sense that lowering nitric oxide could limit damage caused by burns.

Methylene blue, the oldest synthetic treatment, is remarkably effective at blocking nitric oxide – and it’s very safe at low doses.

“Methylene blue has nitric oxide blocking effects.”

So it makes sense to see whether methylene blue could help with recovery from burns.

To learn more about this research is carried out experiments on rats.

Adult rats were split into three different groups with 10 in each group.

All of the rats were subject to identical burns caused by hot metal plates applied to the same area of their body.

One group of rats was given methylene blue one hour after they were burned.

Group 2 received methylene blue six hours after being burned by the metal plate.

The final group were burned by the metal plate but never received any methylene blue.

One week later all the rats were examined to see the extent of their burns.

The researchers looked to see if there were any differences between the three groups.

Necrosis is the name given to a region of dead cells – it happens after tissue is burned.

Necrosis (cell death) was reduced in animals given methylene blue.

“Progression to necrosis was higher in the control group than in the methylene blue groups.”

There was twice as much necrosis in untreated animals versus those given methylene blue one hour after receiving burns.

The amount of skin around the burns which showed a full recovery was much higher in the treated groups.

Methylene blue treated animals had 3 times greater skin recovery after 1 week.

“We found a higher normal skin percentage in methylene blue treated groups (26%) than in the control group (8%).”

The epithelium is the top layer of skin.

Re-epithelialization is the regrowth of this top layer of skin – it is the final stage of recovery.

The top layer of skin regrew 2 to 3 times quicker with methylene blue.

“Re-epithelialization skin areas were higher in both methylene blue treated groups.”

The study shows the remarkable regenerative effect of this old medicine.

An effect which can be attributed to it lowering peroxynitrite AND the fact that methylene blue helps cells to produce more energy.

Methylene blue can substitute for oxygen in the process of energy creation in the cell – something critical to recovery in times of stress.

More energy and lower nitric oxide accelerates recovery.

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