Why I’m delighted that I have high cholesterol

There is nothing that has been more insidious in modern medicine than the cholesterol lies.

You’ve probably been told that high cholesterol leads to heart disease, right?

So you might wonder why I celebrated when I actually got a recent lab test that showed I have high cholesterol.

My cholesterol is about 280, and the lab results claim that I should be lowering that to 200.

It’s all a big lie

I’ll just quote from the study, and there are many like it.

They measured cholesterol levels for older people and tracked them over five years.

These were not just older people they were very old people; the median age was 89 years old.

The higher the cholesterol, the higher the survival rate.

Each…increase in total cholesterol corresponded to a 15% decrease in mortality

There was no deviation from this result.

The higher the cholesterol rate, the greater the survival rate.

The highest cholesterol levels were over 250, and these have the highest survival rates and the best health.

And these were not healthy people either. Here is a chart showing some of their health problems at the time of the test:

Our study shows that a high total serum cholesterol concentration is not a risk factor for cardiovascular disease in people aged 85 years and over—on the contrary, it is associated with longevity. On the evidence of our data, cholesterol-lowering therapy in the elderly is questionable.

And this isn’t the only study like it. So…

Where did that huge lie come from? That high cholesterol levels lead to heart attacks?

One way that these studies have lied in the past is by tracking only heart causes of death.

Instead of what is called all-cause mortality, or all causes of death.

There are some studies that showed high cholesterol correlated with a higher rate of heart attacks.

But, if you looked at all-cause mortality, you see that high cholesterol protects against many other causes of death.

So on balance, high cholesterol actually lowers your risk of dying.

And new studies are showing that high cholesterol can even be protective in heart attacks.

“A serum cholesterol level less than 160 mg/dL was also associated with a significantly increased risk of death from cancer of the liver and pancreas; digestive diseases, particularly hepatic cirrhosis; suicide; and alcohol dependence syndrome…and cancers of the lung, lymphatic, and hematopoietic systems, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease”

Years ago, big Pharma got on this anti-cholesterol bandwagon.

They’ve made billions of dollars on this cholesterol lie than almost any other groups of medication.

Since the drug companies virtually control the medical schools, all the doctors who graduated over the past 30 years believe this cholesterol lie, as they had been taught.

We are finally able to discover the truth, that cholesterol may be one of the best things we can have going for us.

The worst thing you want to do is lower your cholesterol, especially with dangerous statin drugs.

Of course, nothing can replace the advice of a competent doctor, and your situation may be different.

But in general, higher cholesterol correlates with higher levels of health and long life.