Why I’m always saying no to X rays at the dentist

I actually got banned from one office for refusing X rays — but I have very good reasons for doing so…

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Matt Cook here, and most doctors and dentists are constantly taking X rays and telling you it’s harmless.

But what if it’s not?

Have you ever wondered why they hide behind the wall while they take your X-rays?

Well, I’ve found evidence that these so-called “safe and preventative” X rays may actually be increasing cancer risks.

And those shields they put on you… they may not even help…

Here’s what you should show your doctor next time they ask for X rays…

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Why I’m always saying no to X-rays at the dentist

Ionizing radiation from x-rays causes cancer – that’s not a controversial statement.

But the radiation industry has for decades argued that low doses of ionizing radiation from x-rays are harmless…

And that you can shield parts of the body from the effects of x-rays.

For example, people with thyroid problems might ask for a lead shield to cover the thyroid gland when getting a dental x-ray.

The idea is that the radiation does not reach the thyroid and so can’t do it harm.

The reality is that even very low doses of radiation cost increases in cancer rates.

And you cannot protect one part of the body from the effects of radiation.

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These animal experiments were carried out at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. The results were published in The International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology and Physics.

Did you ever see an educational video explaining the effects or radiation on the body?

Inevitably, these videos show radioactive electrons hitting parts of the body causing damage to that specific area.

As if the radioactive particles hit the cells and cause harm.

This is only partly true.

You see, these cells which have been hit by radioactive particles themselves emit messenger molecules which travel throughout the body.

These messenger molecules (triggered by x-rays) bring trouble with them – they cause harm to other cells which have had no contact with radioactive particles.

This chain of events has become known as the bystander effect.

“It is well accepted that irradiated cells may “forward” genome instability to non irradiated neighboring cells, giving rise to the “bystander effect” phenomenon.”

The bystander effect has been well studied in cells – but research in live animals has been lacking…

And some promoters of radioactive “medicine” have used this fact to deny the dangers of the bystander effect in humans exposed to radioactive treatments.

“Although bystander effects were well studied by using cell cultures, data for somatic bystander effects in living organisms are relatively scarce.”

Yet the studies that we do have clearly show the bystander effect of x-rays does affect living animals.

These Canadian researchers exposed the heads of mice to X-rays.

Aside from the head, the rest of the body was completely shielded from x-rays by medical grade lead shielding.

“The animal’s head was exposed to X-rays while the remainder of the body was completely protected by a medical-grade shield.”

This shielding setup completely prevented the rest of the body from being directly exposed to radiation.

After the x-ray exposure, the researchers carried out investigations of the spleen – an organ deep inside the body of the animal and far away from any x-ray exposure.

X-ray particles hitting the head produced clear knock-on effects in the rest of the body.

“Localized head radiation exposure led to the induction of bystander effects in the lead-shielded distant spleen tissue.”

Radiation exposure causes damage to DNA.

And DNA damage was found in the spleens of animals whose heads had been x-rayed – even when the rest of the body was shielded from radiation.

“Head irradiation led to increased levels of DNA damage.”

The researchers also looked for a protein called p53.

P53 is an anticancer protein – it dismantles tumors.

Elevated p53 means the body has increased its fight against cancer development.

That the body senses increased cancer risk.

P53 was increased by the bystander effect.

“Head irradiation to increase levels of p53 expression in the spleen.”

Cell proliferation is the rate of cell division – something which gets out of control in cancer.

Apoptosis is the programmed death of cells – it is also out of control in cancer.

Both primary cellular signs of cancer were altered in the spleen of animals which had head x-rays.

“Head irradiation led to altered levels of cellular proliferation and a proptosis in bystander spleen tissue.”

X-rays and other types of ionizing radiation cause damage even to cells which are not directly exposed to radioactivity.

This bystander effect is caused by affected cells releasing harmful messengers like estrogen which travel throughout the body – exciting other cells to act in the same way.

“Our study proves that bystander effects occur in the distant somatic organs on localized exposures.”

The scientists called for research into the effect of x-rays on cancer which have never been x-rayed.

“Additional studies should analyze the possible contribution of radiation induced bystander effects to secondary radiation carcinogenesis.”

You should always speak with your primary healthcare provider about the necessity for an x-ray.

If there is another option, you should consider it.

X-rays are more harmful than has been claimed.

If you decide that you do need an x-ray, you should use as much shielding as possible.

Though you will suffer from the bystander effect, the shielding will reduce the total radiation exposure and so is not completely useless.

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In vivo bystander effect: cranial X-irradiation leads to elevated DNA damage, altered cellular proliferation and apoptosis, and increased p53 levels in shielded spleenhttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18207032/