Why I never, ever take fish oil

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Why I never, ever take fish oil

Chronically elevated inflammation leads to chronic disease.

Dealing with chronically high inflammation can improve the health of many people.

But the method used to lower inflammation is critically important.

Inflammation can be tackled at a number of different levels. On one level, inflammation comes from the immune system.

Suppressing the immune system will lower inflammation — but at the cost of increasing other illnesses — like infectious disease.

In a recent study, researchers were surprised to find that fish oil led to increased rates of infectious disease after surgery.

Like many healthcare professionals, it seems that they are not aware of how fish oil works on inflammation. 

Fish oil suppresses the immune system — leaving people open to infection.

This is why I do not believe that fish oil is a beneficial anti-inflammatory.

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The human study was carried out Northwest Clinics Alkmaar, Alkmaar, Netherlands. The results were published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Inflammation plays a role in healing…

…but all too often, excessive inflammation does more harm than good. This is especially true in stressful situations like surgery.

“The postoperative inflammatory response contributes to tissue healing and recovery but overwhelming inflammation is associated with postoperative complications.”

It makes sense that medical researchers should investigate methods to control inflammation after surgery.

Getting the right balance of inflammation could make all the difference in terms of healing.

Omega-3 fats are very popular natural anti-inflammatories. This type of fat is found in high amounts in fish oil. 

The reason why so many people recommend supplementing with fish oil is because of the anti-inflammatory effects of these Omega-3 fats.

“Omega-3 fats modulate inflammatory responses and may help to prevent a proinflammatory cascade.”

So researchers decided to investigate the benefits of high-Omega-3 fish oil supplementation on inflammation in patients undergoing surgery for colon cancer.

“We aimed to investigate the effects of perioperative intravenous Omega-3 fats on inflammatory cytokines in colon cancer surgery.”

44 patients were included in the study. All of the patients were scheduled in for colon cancer surgery.

The night before the surgery the patients received an infusion.

21 patients received an infusion of fish oil.

The remaining 23 patients received saline infusion, simply salt and water, thought to be inert. 

The researchers used these patients as a comparison to see the effects of fish oil.

Fish oil seemed to have an anti-inflammatory effect. Not surprising given previous research on the subject.

But the outcomes were surprising to the researchers…

Patients given fish oil were almost 3 times more likely to develop a postoperative infection during recovery.

Eight patients in the fish oil group developed infections.

Only three patients in the other group developed infections.

And there were more patients in the group that did not get fish oil.

“There were more patients with infectious complications in the Omega-3- (fish oil) group – 8 patients – compared with 3.”

There is quite a lot of research which shows that fish oil suppresses the immune system.

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For example, researchers at Chung-Ang University in South Korea found that omega-3 fats significantly decreased the amount of CD8+ cells in mice.

“Mice orally administered with omega 3s exhibited a significant reduction of CD8+ T cell responses against a virus.”

CD8+ cells are also known as killer cellsthey are immune cells which kill infectious agents.

It should not be a surprise then that fish oil increases postoperative infections in humans — but it was…

“In the Omega-3 group… unexpectedly, more infectious complications occurred.”

This increase in infections should not be surprising when you understand that fish oil works by suppressing the immune system.

The researchers recommended that people should be cautious about the use of fish oil in and around surgery. I agree.

“Caution is thus required with off label use of a perioperative intravenous omega-3 fish oil emulsion.”

I think people should be cautious about the use of fish oil in general.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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Effects of perioperative intravenous ω-3 fatty acids in colon cancer patients: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial.