Why I don’t use probiotics anymore

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Here’s what probiotics do to men — this is very important and will change your mind about what the so-called gurus are telling men (quite wrongly)

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Why I don’t use probiotics anymore

Human beings like to think of themselves as unique individuals. 

In Star Trek, there is an entire half a series of Voyager dedicated to this idea of human individuality where a human escapes something called the Borg Collective.

But here’s the thing… As much as we think we are, we aren’t really individuals. It’s mostly a myth and a trick of our brain. 

Our bodies are made up of a teaming group of organisms that scientists call your microbiome. 

These bacteria and viruses greatly affect your health and wellbeing and contribute to diseases as different as asthma and Alzheimer’s.

You won’t often hear doctors talking about this, because their job is to treat symptoms AFTER you are sick. 

But if you take care of your microbiome you are a lot less likely to get sick in the first place. 

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It really is that important.

Your microbiome isn’t just in your gut.

One of the big myths about your microbiome is that it lives exclusively in your gut. 

If you’ve heard anything about it, you’ve probably heard that your gut microbiome is super-important. And it is.

But your microbiome lives on your skin, in your gut, and in your nasal passages – as well as in other places on or in your body.

In this research, the scientists studied nasal mucus samples from kids who had asthma to learn about their upper airway microbiome.

“During that trial, the researchers also collected nasal mucus samples from the children to study their upper airway microbiomes. Samples were collected at the beginning of the trial, when all of the participants had controlled asthma, as well as at the first early signs that asthma control was slipping.”

And it turns out that these other areas where your microbiome resides are just as important as the microbiome in your gut.

Good health is directly related to your microbiome.

What these researchers found is amazing. 

The children who experienced asthma flares had microbiomes that were closely related to diseases such as strep.

And those who had good health and low flares had healthy microbiomes.

“The researchers found that children who experienced early warning signs that their asthma was going to flare up were more likely to have bacteria associated with disease – including Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and Moraxella bacterial groups – living in their upper airways. In contrast, airway microbes dominated by Corynebacterium and Dolosigranulum bacteria were associated with periods of good health, when asthma was well-controlled.”

This isn’t the first study I’ve seen like this. 

It seems that the microbiome goes out of whack FIRST and then the symptoms of disease (in this case asthma flares) pop up.

That’s why, if you take care of your microbiome, your health will almost always improve.

Don’t use probiotics for microbiome health.

A lot of people, when learning about microbiome health and how important it is, go straight to taking one of the dozens of varieties of probiotics on the market.

But the evidence on probiotics is mixed at best. 

Some studies say they work very well. But others show real health problems with taking them.

“We were surprised to find that, in the rats we were feeding a healthy diet, the probiotics actually resulted in some memory impairment with regards to object recognition.”

Even more importantly, there is no good evidence that they actually do what they are supposed to do and make our microbiome work really well.

Do eat lots of fruit.

Instead, what I normally recommend is that you eat lots of fruit. 

Fruit makes people live longer. But I also believe that the substances in fruit help to balance out the microbiome.

According to a recent large study in Sweden:

“Participants who ate at least one serving of fruit daily lived 19 months longer than those who never ate fruit, on average.”

And the more fruit the better. 

Eat as much of it as you want. It will only do you good.

The bottom line is that our microbiome controls our health much more than we previously realized and doctors haven’t quite caught up yet.

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