Why I avoid probiotics like the plague

Young man holding his sick stomach in pain

Probiotics actually backfire and cause a lot of disease… Then people take MORE probiotics thinking that they are helping… And this puts more gasoline on the fire…

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Why I Avoid Probiotics Like the Plague

Everyone has heard about the bubonic plague, also called the Black Death.

Bubonic plague killed 20 million people in Europe.

It took 600 years for Europe to rebuild its population to the level it was BEFORE the Bubonic Plague.

And doctors were worthless.

It’s not that different today.

One of the BIGGEST challenges today is that doctors are so ultra specialized.

So there are specialists for the heart, prostate, skin, brain and just about every other body part.

The reason this is such a big problem is that the human body is NOT a distinct collection of individual parts – no matter how much the medical community wants to treat it that way.

In reality, all the parts work together as a whole…

And the systems function together to make everything work.

If one thing is messed up, it’s likely that the rest is messed up too.

This is really true when looking at the gut. Good gut health influences nearly EVERYTHING else in the human body.

One gut to rule it all

One of the interesting developments in research over the last several years is evidence that the gut influences so much of the immune system.

We all know that if our belly or bowels are in bad shape, then we are in bad shape.

But this reality goes much further…

If our belly or bowels aren’t healthy and don’t have the right intestinal flora, our whole body is subject to inflammation and infection.

A healthy gut lowers the risk of post-surgery infections

This study looked at infection rates for knee and hip replacements and found that a healthy gut lowers the risk of post-surgery infections.

Having healthy gut flora – the trillions of bacteria housed in our intestines – could lower the risk of infection following knee and hip replacement surgeries, while having unhealthy intestinal flora may increase the risk of infection.”

These infections aren’t common.

But when they do happen they can cause major problems – including the need to replace joints again.

“To prevent infection, surgeons take multiple precautions during surgery. As a result, infections following joint replacement surgeries are rare, affecting only 1% of patients who have procedures. However, infections are the No. 1 reason for replacing an artificial knee and the No. 3 cause for replacing an artificial hip.”

What this tells me (along with all the other research I do) is that a healthy gut helps to control the entire immune system.

Don’t take probiotics for a healthy gut

Unfortunately, when people see how powerful a healthy gut is, they often start to take the products that are supposed to help make their gut flora better: probiotics.

Don’t do it!

There are loads of studies showing that inserting probiotics into your system does more harm than good.

But today, probiotics are a big fad.

Here’s one example of how harmful probiotics can be:

Researchers found a link between common probiotics and very serious disease. And this is for MOST men, not just men who are sick.

The problem is that the stomach and small intestine should be sterile. Only the colon (the large intestine) should have microbes in it.

But probiotics introduce bacteria and microbes to the stomach and small intestine – where they do not belong.

And this is why I avoid fermented foods too.

These people in the study took probiotics – and got brain fog and metabolic problems.

When they took antibiotics and stopped the probiotics, they started to get better.

This is serious stuff and you won’t read it in the mainstream media.

They are too set on selling you high-priced probiotics, kombucha, fermented kimchi, etc.

None of it ever helped me when I was into kefir and home pickling foods… And now I know why.

If anything it made my symptoms worse.

All that is behind me…

I am super-careful NOT to take probiotics – with just a few exceptions.

Probiotics cause a host of health problems, starting with SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth)…

And they make it harder for your body to develop its own good ecosystem.

What I recommend instead is to eat a reasonable diet of ripe fruit and fruit juice.

Fruit and fruit juice are great at helping you develop a healthy gut… And they do NOT feed excess bacteria in the stomach and small intestine.

If you can’t find ripe fruit, you can also cook frozen fruit to get the same results.

The bottom line is that your gut is central to your good health.

It can help you combat disease and it keeps your immune system working right. It’s important to take care of it.

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