Why I avoid all foods containing this 1 ingredient

This ingredient is TOXIC… and it’s hiding in so many foods…

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—-Important Message—-

Food shopping? Here’s the killer lipid lurking in many foods…and what to buy instead…

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Nearly 100 years ago, manufacturing companies started contaminating food with a toxic killer chemical…

And now today, it’s in almost every single food item we eat.

It’s in fast food, organic food, so-called “healthy” foods — every single food at the grocery store is full of this toxic chemical.

And this Killer Lipid is doing terrible things to men’s bodies…

Fortunately I found out a simple way to identify foods containing this poison… and I am giving you foods to buy instead…


Why I avoid all foods containing this 1 ingredient

Have you noticed how many “diet” beverages there are on the market now?

It used to be mostly diet versions of cola like Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi.

And now there are things like Gatorade Zero and Vitamin Water Zero.

The problem is that these beverages are sweetened with highly processed fake sugars.

People love this stuff for its promise of zero calories and no guilt.

But are fake sugars good for you, or are there hidden problems with them?

The answer is not popular with the companies that make these substances…

And studies are starting to show that fake sugars can be very detrimental to your health.

They aren’t food, they have no nutrition, and they just aren’t good for you.

One of the most popular fake sugars is Splenda, the brand that sucralose is often sold under.

Sucralose is problematic because it can mess up the way your body regulates your metabolism and hunger response.

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A study in Southern California sheds some light on what happens when people consume Splenda sweetened beverages.

In this study, the volunteers drank either a drink that was sweetened with table sugar or with sucralose.

Then they were given the opportunity to eat whatever they wished from a buffet meal and researchers measured how many calories were consumed.

The participants also underwent MRI scans.

The beverages sweetened with sucralose caused people to eat MORE calories than the beverage sweetened with sugar.

They loaded up their plates more at the buffet and ate more food overall.

“This raises the possibility that adding NNSs to our diet to increase sweetness could impair the brains’ responsivity to food, with negative consequences for eating behavior and metabolism.”

That means that if you are drinking beverages sweetened with sucralose in order to lose weight…

…you may be shooting yourself in the foot by triggering your body to consume more calories!

But that doesn’t surprise me since the majority of weight loss advice that is currently out there fails miserably and can actually make you sick.

Now it looks like we can probably add Splenda to that equation.

The research doesn’t stop there though.

In a separate study from Yale University, researchers took a look at how a Splenda and carb combination affects metabolism.

What they found was that when you combine Splenda with a carbohydrate…

…the subjects in the study started producing far more insulin than normal – one of the signs of pre-diabetes!

“The results of our study demonstrate that consuming sucralose with, but not without, a carbohydrate rapidly impairs glucose metabolism.”

Overall, it’s a pretty bad idea to consume fake food like substances.

That includes a whole range of additives that are in processed food and not just fake sugar.

Gums like guar gum, in particular, are very bad for you.

But Splenda seems particularly insidious.

It’s marketed as a zero calorie sweetener with the idea that it will help you lose weight.

Instead, it screws up your metabolism so that your body goes into a pre-diabetic state and you eat more instead of less.

I refuse to put artificial sweeteners into my body and I eat a lot of sugar – mostly in the form of fruit juice and fruit.

I also will eat some occasional table sugar.

What you eat and drink has a huge impact on your health and it’s something that you should pay close attention to.

—-Important Message About Eating and Burning Sugar—-

Here’s what happens to men who don’t eat carbs or sugar

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Young people are always full of energy and in great health because they have sugar-burning metabolisms.

Meaning — they burn carbs and sugar for energy.

However, older men get cold and sluggish and their metabolisms slow down.

And they burn only fat for energy.

And this opens them up to weight gain, erections problems, diabetes, prostate issues, and even cancer.

So how do you restore a sugar-burning metabolism?

Simple — just use this sippy cup activity to kickstart your body into burning sugar again and enjoy better health and better sex life