Why I always refuse to get dental x rays

It got me in trouble one time…

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Matt Cook here, and one time a dentist yelled at me because I refused to get dental x-rays.

He said he would never clean my teeth again and that it was proper protocol.

But I have good reasons… in fact, there’s one big risk with getting dental x-rays that dentists never mention…

So keep this in mind before your next dental visit…

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Why I always refuse to get dental x rays

Decades ago, X-rays were used for the most absurd reasons.

At one time it was common for X-rays to be used for examining enlarged tonsils, ringworm, and other skin disorders.

Over the years, people have become more aware about the dangers of X-rays.

At the same time, the doses used in X-rays have decreased…

…and X-ray technicians are more willing to offer shielding devices to cover parts of the body which are not being X-rayed.

People are not being harmed by X-rays as much as they once were.

But this shielding and lower dose X-ray strategy only goes so far.

X-rays are known to cause something called the bystander effect.

This is when cells exposed to even relatively low-dose X-rays start to produce inflammatory molecules…

Molecules which travel throughout the body causing inflammation elsewhere.

On top of this, X-rays are still being used routinely in dental practices and other absurd contexts.

People are being exposed to dangerously harmful levels of X-rays without justification.

Even dental X-rays double the risk of cancer diagnosis.

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This study was carried out by researchers at Brighton and Sussex Medical School in the UK. The findings were published in Acta Oncologica.

The research focused on the effect of dental X-rays on the risk of being diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

“The thyroid gland is highly susceptible to radiation carcinogenesis and exposure to high dose radiation is the only established cause of thyroid cancer.”

The researchers wanted to know whether “low doses” of radiation could also cause thyroid cancer.

“Dental radiography, a common source of low-dose radiation exposure in the general population is overlooked as a radiation hazard to the thyroid and may be associated with the risk of thyroid cancer.”

It has long been known that people who work around X-ray devices have a higher risk of developing cancer.

“Increased thyroid cancer rates have been reported in dentists, dental assistants, and x-ray workers. Exposure to dental x-rays is associated with an increased risk of salivary tumors.”

When you receive a dental X-ray, the dentists and dental assistant will hide behind a lead-lined wall.

This blocks the direct X-rays, but it obviously doesn’t completely protect them from an increased risk of cancer.

The researchers recruited over 600 participants for their study.

Half of the participants had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The other half of the participants had not been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

The participants were interviewed about their history of X-rays – both dental X-rays and X-rays of other regions of the body.

The researchers found that just dental X-rays were enough to more than double the risk of thyroid cancer.

“Exposure to dental x-rays was significantly associated with an increased risk of thyroid cancer. [+110%].”

This was even after the researchers had adjusted their figures for the effects of other X-rays, which would also increase the likelihood of cancer.

Remember too that this study only looked at thyroid cancer – not total cancer diagnosis.

The bystander effect will surely increase cancer and other diseases in other parts of the body.

The study also clearly showed that higher doses and multiple instances of dental X-ray radiation…

…further increase the likelihood of thyroid cancer diagnosis.

“We showed a dose response pattern for increased risk of thyroid cancer with exposure to dental x-rays.”

Dental X-rays increase your risk of having thyroid cancer significantly.

And each X-ray increases the risk further.

“These findings provide support to the hypothesis that exposure to dental x-rays, particularly multiple exposures may be associated with an increased risk of thyroid cancer.”

Dentists will tell you, and they truly believe that dental X-rays are almost risk free.

In reality, they vastly underestimate the risks associated with this often unnecessary imaging procedure.

X-rays are very helpful for some medical professionals.

They really help them to see what’s going on inside the body.

But they also convey substantial risks to your health.

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Dental x-rays and the risk of thyroid cancer: a case-control studyhttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20397774/